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Our next CWC general meeting is December 15th, 2015 at 7pm (ET).
Welcome to the Charlotte Writers’ Club website!

The Charlotte Writers' Club (or CWC, as our members affectionately call it) provides a great opportunity for writers of all forms—and there are so many—to meet and discuss the latest trends, commiserate on projects, find critique groups, and participate in contests and workshops. This club is for you, the writer, to help develop your craft and keep the words coming. Sign up for our free newsletter to stay up-up-to date on the latest CWC speakers, contests, workshops, and member kudos.

This club has something for everyone. Come meet some of your fellow writers, poets, novelists, authors, creative writers, short story writers, essayists, articles writers, journalists, dramatists, editors, fablers, fiction writers, ghost writers, historical writers, lyricists, playwrights, reporters, rhymers, satirists, scriptwriters, short-story writers, sonneteers, storytellers, autobiographers, biographers, and many more.

Interview on C-Span about the Charlotte Writers’ Club - September 24, 2011 with Past President David Radavich



CWC Celebrating Over 90 Years


December 3-5, 2015 - Christmas in Davidson

December 15th - Philip Shabazz, poet

December 15th - CWC Nonfiction Contest deadline.

January 15th  -WNBA Writing Contest deadline.

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If you are a current member of the Charlotte Writers’ Club and paid dues prior to April 2015, it is time to send in your payment, either to our post office box or via this website. CWC’s fiscal year runs from July 2015 through June 2016. Contact the membership chairperson if you are unsure of your status.

The CWC sponsors a wide range of activities that nurture writers, including contests, critique groups, monthly meetings, and periodic workshops. Your membership dues help fund these activities and also reach into and enrich the surrounding community. If you have visited one of our events as a guest, you can become a member at any time. Please join us in supporting writers, readers, and literacy at a critical time in our nation’s and our city’s history.

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*As a non-profit organization, The Charlotte Writers' Club is not allowed to promote any sales related information but we can include the following: your name, name of the work, contact information for you, and brief information about you, your work, contests or anthologies involved, etc.

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