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Members and Panelist gather for this outstanding CWC meeting!

Debra Wallin, CWC President, welcomes all members and guests to the April CWC meeting.

Landis Wade, Program Chair, reviews the format for the panel discussion and introduces Jan McCanless.

Jan McCanless introduces herself and had the audience cracking up!

Kathie Collins, introduces Jessica Peterson.

Jessica Peterson introduces herself and her trial by fire approach to digital marketing.

Landis Wade introduces Alice Osborn.

Alice Osborn introduces herself and explains her journey through various network channels, such as meetup groups, business networking groups, church, library workshops, book clubs, bookstore author readings, open mics, etc.

Kathie Collins (and Landis too) asks panelists specific questions.

Question 1: What are one or two important lessons you have learned?

Jan: Don't rely on your publisher to get your book out there. Know your audience and write what you know.

Jessica: Have a marketing plan. Pick your social media networks wisely. I use Facebook and Instagram.

Alice: Get a professional website and hire a professional to maintain it. Do not use a virtual assistant. Remember it's not always about you. Carry business cards and your books with you every where you go.

Question 2: Do you have to spend money to make money?

Jan: Had to pay for website and business cards.  Most expenses are covered by my publisher.  Don't sell yourself short and hire a professional assistant.

Jessica: Paying for digital advertisements has paid off.  Hiring a digital ad consultant was best investment I could have made. Needed to pay for covers, editors, website, and the income loss from Amazon free giveaways.

Alice: I've paid for musical coaching and my website.

Question 3: Do you have any pitfalls you experienced that you can share that we can avoid?

Jan: Early mistake with LinkedIn.  Prefer mailing lists.  Didn't initially get reviews from author friends.

Jessica: Not having a newsletter. Never too early to start marketing.  Be aware of how your book is packaged. Pay attention to the blurbs on your book.

Alice: Using a virtual assistant. Using Constant Contact for newsletter was a financial drain when there was a cheaper option,

Panelists also discussed their best personal marketing strategies.

Jan McCanless handout

Jan shared this additional information after the meeting:

One of the things I did not get around to mentioning last night was how important it is to connect with other authors. Vital in the networking process.  One of the ways I do it is thru the authors magazine, Southern Writer . They have featured my work, I've advertised thru them, and their resources are excellent. As promised, here is their contact information, and again, thank you again for having me in Charlotte.
To propose articles or interviews:

Jessica Peterson handout

Alice Osborn handout

Look at all those incredible members and guests!

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