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The Charlotte Writers' Club has useful articles to help writers learn more about a wide array of subjects. Click on the titles below to read our articles currently online.


Fun with List Poems: Reading Them, Writing Them by Richard Allen Taylor
To Blog or Not to Blog? - A Question for Writers by Mary Struble Deery, CWC Board Secretary
Best of Both Worlds by Tasha Steimer (Jan. 2010 Board Article)
Bach's Dance Lesson by Caroline Castle Hicks
Critique Groups – My Writing-Savors by Kelly McKenzie, Newsletter Editor
Treat Yourself To The Board Prize (Oct. 2009 Board Article) by Ken Burrows
Capturing the Moment (Aug. 2009 Board Article) by Elaine St. Anne
What's Happening at CWC (July 2009 Board Article) by Jerri McCloud
On Reading and Writing by Diana Pinckney
Take the Challenge: Ten Steps for a Writing Critique Group by Jerri McCloud
By Way of Captivity by Shelley W. Stout
Myths About Agents by Anne Hawkins, Literary Agent, John Hawkins & Associates, Inc.

We also encourage members of The Charlotte Writers' Club to submit articles.* We need how-to articles about different branches of writing (screenwriting, greeting card writing, nonfiction writing, etc.). These can be interviews with working writers or those connected to the publishing or film industries, news stories or trends related to writing, and perspectives from working writers. Articles can cover any aspect of a writer's life -- the business, the craft, or the process (balancing work and family, overcoming writer's block, increasing creativity, etc.).

Articles can cover a variety of writing topics including:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction - Historical - Period - Romance - Wordplay
  • Nonfiction - Narrative - Informative - Accuracy is facts - Memoirs
  • Novel writing
  • Newspapers/Magazines Articles
  • Creating a writer's website
  • Writing a critique letter
  • Writing a synopsis-short and long
  • How to start a critique group
  • Publicity - Promote your work-yourself

*The Charlotte Writers' Club reserves the right to refuse, to accept, or print any article.

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