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Charlotte Writers Club Critique Group Guidelines

What is a critique group?

A critique group is a group of people (usually six to ten) who meet regularly to read and respond to one another’s writing by providing constructive criticism of the creative work of a member.

  1. You must be a member of Charlotte Writers Club to join a CWC-sponsored critique group.
  1. Each group will have a group leader. The group leader is responsible for communicating the following information to the CWC Board via the Critique Groups Coordinator:
  1. Meeting time and location
  2. Current group members and email addresses
  3. Any concerns on member-related matters.
  1. Each group will develop its own operating rules or standards governed by factors such as:
  1. Location, date, time, length, and frequency of group meetings
  2. Rules for critiquing. (Set some ground rules. Discuss the importance of tact. Provide encouraging comments as well as constructive criticism. Turn off cell phones and devote full attention to your colleagues.)
  3. Amount of work to be critiqued at each meeting
  4. Method and form of work submitted.
  1. The CWC Board (through the Critique Groups Coordinator) will monitor the status of each critique group to ensure members’ needs are being met.

If you have any questions, please email the Critique Groups Coordinator.

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