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Policies and Procedures for Charlotte Writers’ Club

(Amended July 2019)

I. Duties of Charlotte Writers’ Club Officers

A. President

  1. Serves as principal executive officer of the club.
  2. Generally supervises and controls all business of the club including approval of expenses not included in the budget.
  3. Presides at all meetings of the membership and board of directors.
  4. Prepares an agenda for these meetings.
  5. Responsible for maintaining insurance.
  6. Works with the venue contact to create and sign the Contract for rooms, as well as providing proof of insurance. Before first fall meeting in September, confirms meeting arrangements for the coming year are set.
  7. Calls special meetings of the board of directors.
  8. Signs any deeds, mortgages, leases, bonds, contracts, or other instrument that the board has authorized.
  9. Keeps a key to the club post office box.
  10. Arranges with bank to have check-signing privilege for club account with the treasurer.
  11. Responsible for maintaining insurance.
  12. Approves club information to be shared on publicity channels.
  13. Responds to public queries.
  14. Check CWC PO box at the Wendover branch, deposit paper checks, and email deposit information to treasurer and appropriate board members (e.g., membership chair for dues, or workshop fees, etc.), along with contact information of new or renewing dues-paying members. (This task is assigned to the president, immediate past-president, treasurer, and/or membership chair, depending on proximity to the Wendover branch of the post office and individual schedules.)

B. Vice President

  1. In the absence of the president, the vice presidents, in the order determined by the Board, performs the duties of the president.
  2. Vice President of Membership shall serve as the Membership Chair and perform the functions of Membership Chair set forth below.
  3. Vice President of Nominations shall serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee and coordinate the performance of the Nominating Committee as required by the By-laws. Additionally, will organize social events for members to get to know one another.
  4. At the president’s request, the vice presidents shall assist in carrying out the president’s duties and other responsibilities falling to the president.
  5. Assists the Secretary making sure that spaces for member’s meetings are appropriately set up and sound system is adequate. (This task can be assigned to the Secretary or the Meeting Coordinator, if there is one)
  6. Approves club information to be shared on publicity channels.
  7. Check CWC PO box at the Wendover branch, deposit paper checks, and email deposit information to treasurer and appropriate board members (e.g., membership chair for dues, or workshop fees, etc.), along with contact information of new or renewing dues-paying members. (This task is assigned to the president, immediate past-president, treasurer, and/or membership chair, depending on proximity to the Wendover branch of the post office and individual schedules.)

C. Past President

  1. Provides advice and counsel to the board, in an ex-officio, non-voting capacity, as well as continuity with the traditions and policies of previous years.
  2. Attends board meetings during the terms of his/her successor.
  3. May undertake tasks and responsibilities at the behest of the president or board.
  4. Check CWC PO box at the Wendover branch, deposit paper checks, and email deposit information to treasurer and appropriate board members (e.g., membership chair for dues, or workshop fees, etc.), along with contact information of new or renewing dues-paying members. (This task is assigned to the president, immediate past-president, treasurer, and/or membership chair, depending on proximity to the Wendover branch of the post office and individual schedules.)

D. Secretary

  1. Takes minutes of each board meeting and distributes copies to board members in advance of the following board meeting.
  2. Has general charge of the corporate records, books and corporate seal.
  3. Is responsible for checking minutes and other corporate records annually.
  4. Assists with club publicity, including but not limited to creating publicity flyers.
  5. Responsible for making sure that spaces for member’s meetings and workshops are appropriately set up and sound system is adequate.

E. Treasurer

  1. Has custody of all funds and securities belonging to the club and receives, deposits and disburses the same.
  2. With input from the president and committee chairs, prepares an annual budget for the September board meeting.
  3. Keeps track of all income and expenditures.
  4. Writes checks for all expenses in a timely manner (such as meeting place rental, insurance, P.O. Box, contest judges, contest awards, workshop leaders and speaker honorariums and reimbursement of approved expenses for board).
  5. Provides a financial report at all board meetings. Financial reports must be in the same format as the budget.
  6. Completes yearly IRS Filing of Non-Profit Status.
  7. Supplies proof of insurance to the President to submit to the club venue as part of the venue contract.
  8. Check CWC PO box at the Wendover branch, deposit paper checks, and email deposit information to treasurer and appropriate board members (e.g., membership chair for dues, or workshop fees, etc.), along with contact information of new or renewing dues-paying members. (This task is assigned to the president, immediate past-president, treasurer, and/or membership chair, depending on proximity to the Wendover branch of the post office and individual schedules.)

F. Programming Chair(s)

Ideally, two members should handle these duties.

  1. Plans monthly programs for the club, booking speakers for the entire club year in time for the June meeting, if possible. Proposed speakers and events should be approved by the President.
  2. Provides information for speakers as to location and time of meeting; checks to see if any special equipment and set-up are required.
  3. Sees that the President, Secretary, or meeting coordinator is aware of such special needs.
  4. Writes a profile on each speaker for the {newsletter editor, webmaster, social media, etc, a month in advance, including a headshot photo for the newsletter and website.
  5. Invites speakers for dinner on the night of their program.
  6. Introduces speakers at each meeting.
  7. The honorarium for speakers at regular meetings is $250. Any additional speaker expenses will be approved by the President.

G. Contest Chair(s)

Ideally, two members should handle these duties.

  1. Sets up each contest in Submittable and works with the Webmaster to link them to the website. Prior to the start of each season (in the summer), update the dates for each contest form in Submittable, and on the Contest Page on the website.
  2. Divvies up contest responsibilities.
  3. Locates a qualified judge for his or her contest.
  4. Obtains judge headshot and bio for each judge and places in the CWC Dropbox under the Contests folder. Inform Webmaster when judge information is available.
  5. Accepts entries in the contest through ‘Submittable’ Contest software. (Automatic from Submittable) – Sends ‘Received’ email and sets status to NEW.
  6. Periodically reviews the list of entries and authors, including contact information in Submittable.
  7. Checks authors contact information to make sure they live in North or South Carolina.  If not, check the author’s membership status from the Wild Apricot membership database. Eligible entries are from members no matter where they live, or authors from North and South Carolina.  If the eligibility requirements are not met, (entry is from out of the Carolinas and the author is not a member) email that author and give them the opportunity to join as a member. Send them the link to Membership Page on the website. If they decline, withdraw their entry. (No refund will be given.)
  8. As submissions come in, check the Past Contest Winners on the website, to make sure they did not win that same contest the year before.  If they did, send them a gentle reminder about that rule and withdraw their entry. (Refund will be given.) 
  9. After Eligibility is checked and submission has been checked for being a past winner, set Submittable status to In Progress. No automatic email needs to be sent.  Select Response Template: ‘Mark as In Progress without emailing submitter’. Then select that button.
  10. A day or two after the contest closes - Grants access to Submittable to the judge for their specific contest. The View access granted to the judges removes any identifying contact information from their view.
  11. Acknowledges receipt of submissions and advises winners that they will be notified of contest results three weeks prior to awards presentations.
    • Each submission will automatically get the ‘Received Letter’ under OTHER Response Template and will be set to NEW status.
    • A day or two after the contest closes - For each submission set Submittable status Assign.  This assigns it to the judge No automatic email needs to be sent.  Select Response Template: ‘Mark as In Progress without emailing submitter’. Then select that button.
  12. A day or two after contest closes - Sends the ‘Instructions for the Judge’ (found on the CWC Dropbox under Contests folder) to the selected judge.
  13. At the End of The Contest - After Judging is complete:
  • Set winners’ status to Accepted and send 'Congratulations Letter' auto email.  NOTE: Choose ‘Congratulations Letter (Virtual Meetings) if we are meeting via Zoom.
  • Set non-winners status to Completed and send 'Decision Letter' auto email. Wait to set the non-winner statuses – usually a week before winners are announced.

14. Receives notification of winners entries back from the judge at least four weeks in advance of the awards presentation, including comments from the judge for each winning entry.  Add the information received to the CWC Dropbox under the Contests folder and inform the board that winners have been chosen.

15. Invites the winners to attend the meeting at which the awards will be presented and prepares certificates to be given to each winner. (This is done when the Congratulations Letter is automatically sent.  Follow up with each winner if they don’t respond within a week.)

16. Obtains the President’s signature on the contest winner certificates.

17. Procures award checks from the treasurer for presentation at the meeting.

18. Prepares a thank you letter for the judge (example found on the CWC Dropbox under Contests) and obtains the President’s signature on the letter.

19.Mails the thank you letter and the check to the judge.

20. Presents the awards (certificates and checks) at the appropriate club meeting.

21. Reports the number of submissions, broken out by members and non-members. Provide the treasurer a detailed report of submission entries for each contest with total fees collected.


  • Select Report - Standard Reports Select Other Reports - Income
  • Choose report month - Load Report – Export for each month in reporting period
  • Copy all the rows into ONE Excel sheet (keep headers)
  • Format sheet so all column data can be seen.
  • Sort the spreadsheet by 'Form' (contest) column.
  • Add a total row under each Contest - Total the dollar amount columns
  • Save AS an Excel spreadsheet.

       21. Updates the status of each entry to 'Archive' in Submittable to close out that contest as well as removing the judge’s access.


H. Membership Chair(s)

  1. Performs all administrative functions related to membership software, including:
  • Monitoring new membership registrations monthly.
  • Verifying payment of dues and activating memberships for non-Paypal payments.
  • Making any necessary manual adjustments to membership lists and/or profiles.
  • Taking care of all membership-related email correspondence with current and/or prospective members, including responding to membership and/or event inquiries and composing and sending email blasts.
  • Editing and/or composing email templates for mass distribution.
  • Assigning administrative status and level of access to individual board members.
  • Tracking event/workshop registration information, including payments (please see Workshop section for more details on this responsibility.)
  • Create follow-up electronic polls/surveys to capture attendee feedback regarding program content for general meetings as well as other events and/or workshops.
  1. For monthly general meetings:
  • Provide printed sign-in sheet for prospective members and/or guests, and for non-registered member.  Add non-registered members to the meeting and mark as attended for that event in the membership software.
  • Have available application forms, club brochures and other information to provide prospective members and/or guests.
  • Be present and available to accept new memberships or find a substitute in case of absence.
  • Keep on-going record of number of attendees, both members and non-member guests.
  1. Other:
  • Check CWC PO box at the Wendover branch, deposit paper checks, and email deposit information to treasurer and appropriate board members (e.g., membership chair for dues, or workshop fees, etc.), along with contact information of new or renewing dues-paying members. (This task is assigned to the president, immediate past-president, treasurer, and/or membership chair, depending on proximity to the Wendover branch of the post office and individual schedules.)
  • May need to be present at workshops and other events to facilitate sign-in of attendees.
  • Add new members to the current newsletter recipient list (if not already subscribed.) This can be facilitated by exporting the active members from the membership software and imported into the newsletter software (Constant Contact) under the distribution list of ‘CWC Members’.   This task should be done at the end of each month before the monthly newsletter is sent the 1st of each month.
  • Work with other board members to create opportunities to promote CWC and increase membership.

I. Workshop Coordinator

  1. All workshops will have approval by CWC board, prior to the actual workshop.
  2. Determine Workshops and secure Workshop leaders. 
  3. Work with Workshop leaders to determine how many participants they prefer and how the room should be set up.  Make sure President and Secretary have those details.
  4. Workshop Coordinator will work with CWC North to help facilitate their events.
  5. The Workshop Organizer must provide a budget including revenue and expenses for approval. (Expenses should include space rental, catering for meals and breaks, cleanup fees.)
  6. The Workshop Coordinator will keep track of all registrations, and work with the Membership Chair to make sure all registered have paid either through Paypal or with a check.
  7. The Workshop Coordinator will make sure the workshop presenter has the correct place and time for the workshop along with a list of those registered.
  8. The Workshop Coordinator will make sure the workshop venues are set up as needed.
  9. Work with the Webmaster and Membership chair to verify that an email will be sent to all that have registered with details for the workshop and what to bring.
  10. The workshop presenter will be paid $250.00 honorarium for their time. Workshop Coordinator will procure the honorarium check from the treasurer prior to the workshop.
  11. May need to be present at the workshops to make sure venue is correctly set up, to welcome the workshop presenter and to check in attendees.

J. Open Mic Night Organizer

  1. Get list of registered readers for the Open Mic Night Event from the Membership Software.
  2. Hook up the speaker and microphone to the amp. Set up the microphone stand. Check the sound.
  3. Rearrange the tables slightly to move them closer to the microphone and turning the chairs so no one is facing backwards.
  4. Make sure every reader has read the disclaimer.
  5. Have the Barista turn the music off.
  6. Welcome everyone.   Use this introduction:

Welcome to the Charlotte Writers’ Club Open Mic Night here at Mug’s Coffee.  Thank you Mug’s for partnering with us!  My name is ______, and I am (what you do for the club even if you are just a member). The goal of CWC Open Mic Night is for our Charlotte Writers’ Club Members to practice reading their work in public.  This is a needed skill when we go out on book tours when our books get published. Review use of microphone (not t0o close, not too far away).

  1. Introduce each speaker by just calling them up.  It is informal.
  2. Take pictures of each reader, and one of the whole group and send to the webmaster by the next day to put on the Open Mic Night page and to post to Facebook.
  3. Thank everyone for sharing their work and adjourn.
  4.  Pack up the equipment and move the furniture back.

K. Newsletter Editor

  1. Solicits and edits content information, including upcoming programs, workshops, contests and special events, for at least nine newsletters, nine meeting reminders and special announcements as needed, using the Constant Contact platform.  Details for what to include can be found on the website.
  2. Schedules meeting reminders to be sent the Thursday before each meeting.
  3. Schedules newsletters to be sent by the 1st of the month.
  4. Manages member kudos submissions to be included in newsletters. Solicits additional information or seeks clarification for submissions as needed.
  5. Responds to member email queries regarding information contained in the newsletter.
  6. Collaborates closely with all board members to ensure accuracy and timeliness of content.

L. Technology Coordinator

  1. Responsible for securing all passwords to the following software: Go Daddy, Quickbizsites, Constant Contact, Wild Apricot, Submittable, Paypal, Quickbooks online.
  2. Connects Paypal to the Membership software.
  3. Connects Membership software payment to CWC checking account.
  4. Works with the Membership chair to maintain the Active Member email distribution list in Constant Contact by importing the active members from the Membership software.
  5. Assists with adding Open Mic Night Events to the Membership software.
  6. Assists with adding the Workshop Events to the Membership software.
  7. Creates links in the Website to the Membership software for Memberships and Events.
  8. Assist Contest Chairs with setup and creation of Contests in the Submittable software.
  9. Creates Submittable buttons on the website for contests.
  10. Connects Submittable software payment to the CWC checking account.
  11. Connects the transfer of Submittable software collected contests fees to the CWC checking account.
  12. Connects the Constant Contact Newsletter signup to the website.
  13. Connects the Constant Contact payment to the CWC checking account.
  14. Works with Treasurer for connecting Online Quickbooks software to CWC checking account.
  15. Maintains automatic payments for all Software: Wild Apricot, Submittable, Constant Contact, Go Daddy, Quickbizsites, Quickbooks.

M. Webmaster

  1. Updates and maintains the club website to keep information current. This includes but is not limited to:
  1. Home page and quick link to activities and other member opportunities
  2. Calendar of Events pages
  3. CWC North pages
  4. Board of director and Advisory Board pages
  5. Newsletter pages
  6. Membership pages
  7. Contest pages
  8. Workshop pages
  9. Critique Group page
  10. Open Mic Night pages
  11. Member Resource pages
  12. Maintain archive sections
  13. Post Meeting or Workshop pictures in Meeting Recap pages
  14. Posts member kudos and photos of member events when they are submitted for the website.

N. CWC-North Liaison

  1. Represents the CWC-North committee on the board of directors.
  2. Serves as a club-wide contact for any members who are interested in attending or participating in CWC-North activities.
  3. Updates the board on CWC-North activities and events, and keeps the CWC-North committee informed on any changes at the CWC board.
  4. Prepares a yearly budget to be approved at the September (was June) board meeting.

O. Meeting Coordinator

At the board’s direction, secures and confirms meeting venues by at least August 1 for September through May meetings.

  1. Works with program chairs and site manager to ensure any special set-ups required are provided.
  2. Ensures meeting venue is clean and restored to pre-meeting state.

P. Critique Groups Coordinator

  1. Helps organize critique groups among the club membership and continues to monitor their progress.
  2. Works with critique group leaders to ensure all critique group participants are CWC members.
  3. Prepares newsletter and website items on critique group activities.

Q. Social Media Coordinator

  1. Creates CWC events on the CWC Facebook page.
  2. Adds CWC event flyers to CWC Facebook page.
  3. Posts relevant event pictures and captions to CWC Facebook page.
  4. Seeks innovative ways to make the club known in the community.
  5. Publicizes not only monthly speakers, but also workshops, publications, contests and any other club activities.


Addendum I: Charlotte Writers’ Club Contests

 [Update annually for publicity purposes, adding exact dates, chair names, addresses, and rule changes adopted by the board.  For sponsored contests use official names.]

A. Contests Overview

Unless otherwise indicated, contests are open to all CWC members and nonmember residents of North and South Carolina. Further details are on each contest’s page on the CWC website.



Award Date

Ruth Moose Flash Fiction

Short fiction of up to 500 words



Nonfiction Contest

Article/Essay 750 – 2,000 words

January 2nd


Poetry Contest

Each submission is one poem up to maximum of 50 lines

** Haikus are excluded



Elizabeth Simpson Smith Short Story Contest

1,500-4,000 words




Prizes are: first place, $150; second place, $75; third place, $25. For the Elizabeth Simpson Smith Short Story contest, prizes are $250, $150 and $50 for first through third places, respectively. Awards will be presented at a monthly CWC meeting.

Entry Fees

Entry fees are $15 for members and $20 for nonmembers ($20/25 for members/nonmembers for the Elizabeth Simpson Smith Short Story Contest). Entrants may become members at time of contest submission. Membership year runs from September to May.

Contest rules are posted on the CWC website:


  • Contests are open to all CWC members and to non-member residents of the North and South Carolina. Submittable will be opened up to be searchable.
  • Entries must be original and unpublished. This includes blogs, Facebook, websites and any other digital media.
  • Entries that have placed in any CWC contest are no longer eligible for future submission, regardless of calendar year.
  • Executive Board members and Contest Chairs may not enter club contests during their terms of office.
  • Only one entry per contest is allowed.


  • Do not include any identifying information on your manuscript. This includes name, website, email address, etc. 
  • Entries should be double-spaced (except poetry, which may be single-spaced), in any standard 12-point font, such as Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana or Courier.
  • Title and word count (or lines of poetry) must appear in the upper left of first page of manuscript.


  • All contests entries must be submitted, and entry fee paid using ‘Submittable’.
  • See individual contests for fees.


  • See individual contests for deadline dates.
  • Online submissions must be received by midnight of the due date.


  • See specific contest for individual awards.
  • Awards will be presented at the monthly CWC meeting that is stated in individual contest guidelines. Winners will be invited to read the winning entry at the club meeting. Each winner will have five minutes to read.

B. Criteria for Judges, Instructions and Fees for Judges

Judges for the Charlotte Writers’ Club contests must be published writers currently active in the writing community. Each contest chair shall select the judge for the contest he or she is administering.

Contest judges should receive an honorarium of $200 fee for each contest shall be determined by the contest co-chairs in consultation with the board. The judge for the Elizabeth Simpson Smith Short Story contest shall receive $300.00

C. Contest Forms

Contest criteria are to be emailed to each contest judge after he or she accepts assignment. At the time the judge is recruited, the chair should request a brief biography and photo, to be run in the newsletter and on the website.

The Charlotte Writers’ Club

Instructions for Judges

Thank you for agreeing to be the judge for our contest. We are always aware of the time and effort involved in judging manuscripts, and the Charlotte Writers’ Club is grateful for your support in its efforts to encourage writers and good writing.

Please choose one first-place winner, one second-place winner, one third-place winner, and up to three honorable mentions. There should not be ties. Please record each winning manuscript number and rating on the attached sheet.

You will have about three weeks to read and rate the manuscripts. Please email score sheets to me by the following date:                              .

We would appreciate a paragraph on the winning entry, and this will be read at the awards ceremony. Although it is not required, please feel free to write short responses for the other entries. Contestants really appreciate any comments that a judge may offer.

If you have any questions, please call me at 999-999-9999 or send me an email at


Contest Chairperson                        


Charlotte Writers’ Club

P.O. Box 220954

Charlotte, NC 28222-0954


Name of Contest Chair:                                                                                                

Name of Judge:                                                                                                                       

Contest winners




Honorable mentions (if warranted)




Note: Please keep in mind that honorable mentions are optional. If you feel that the quality of the work submitted does not merit an honorable mention, please do not feel that you need to choose any of the work for this honor.


Addendum II: General Expense Reimbursement Policy

General Policy Statement

The Charlotte Writers’ Club (CWC) has, since its inception, been dependent upon contribution of time and talent from its members without compensation. Nevertheless, it is incumbent upon CWC to provide for the reimbursement for direct out-of-pocket expenses incurred in conducting the business affairs of CWC, such as postage and printing.  It is the intent of the CWC board of directors to compensate fairly the volunteers of the CWC members for their out-of-pocket expenses while exercising fiscal constraints with its members’ funds.


The financial liability of CWC to any committee is limited to the funds budgeted for the committee in the current approved budget of CWC. If any committee incurs a liability greater than the funds so budgeted, or incurs a liability in excess of the amounts allowed by this policy, such liability may be the personal obligation of the individual responsible for incurring or authorizing the liability.


Reimbursement for reasonable and necessary expenses not included in the budget may be allowed when fully documented and explained. The president will have the authority to approve any such reimbursement not specifically addressed in the policy but deemed necessary in the conduct of CWC business or caused by extenuating circumstances.

Reimbursement Procedures

All requests for reimbursement of expenses, not included in the budget, shall be made in writing, signed, and dated by the individual seeking reimbursement. Receipts must be attached for all expenditures, except mileage.

The request for reimbursement should be sent to the president for approval and forwarded to the treasurer for payment.


Addendum IV: Charlotte Writers’ Club Speaker Guide

Focus of Speaker Program: Impart knowledge to CWC members on the subject of writing—whether it be the craft or business side of writing—so that CWC members can continue to learn.

Quality of Speakers:  CWC seeks speakers who are experienced writers or persons with experience in the business side of writing who are passionate about their work and willing to engage with and teach CWC members what they have learned.

What the Speaker Program is Not: CWC programs are not meant to be book promotion events or story or poetry readings. Rather, while presenters are encouraged to read from their works and even bring their works for sale after the meeting, any readings from the presenter’s works should be to illustrate what is being taught and no more than 25% of the presentation should involve reading from the presenter’s works.

Speaker Preparation: CWC seeks speakers who will give thought to their presentation and prepare written materials (even if just an outline of helpful information) which can be shared with CWC members at the meeting and posted on CWC’s website after the meeting.

Speaker Topics: CWC program chairs will coordinate with each speaker to identify the topic for the presentation, with the goal of exploring diverse topics relative to the writing world.

Scheduling and Location:  CWC holds its programs on the third Tuesday of the month from September thought May at 6:30 p.m. at  Providence United Methodist Church  (Room 104), Providence Road, Charlotte, N.C. 28211. Meetings run from 7:00 to 8:30 and speakers are allotted and should plan to present for thirty minutes, plus ten minutes for questions, during the meeting.

Information Needed from Speakers: Within a few weeks after the speaker has agreed to speak, the speaker should provide the following information by email to the speaker chairs: (1) an electronic photo of the speaker that can be posted on the CWC website to advertise the program; (2) a bio that is no more than 100 words: and (3) a title and short description of their presentation.

Written Material:  The speaker should email their written material for the presentation to the CWC program chairs at least one week prior to the presentation. The hand-out should be a finished product consistent with the speaker’s expectation for quality work and contain the speaker’s name (if the speaker prefers, it can include the speaker’s bio, website or other pertinent information).

Honorarium:  Given the preparation and presentation time needed for a quality presentation, CWC offers an honorarium of $250 to speakers, and in some cases, may be able to offer some out of town travel expenses. Speakers who serve on a panel will be offered an honorarium of $200.

Promotion and Dinner: CWC will promote the event. Speakers are welcome to promote it and invite others to attend. CWC’s president and program chairs will host and buy dinner for the speaker at 5:30 p.m. the night of the 6:30 p.m. meeting.  Program begins at 7pm.

Addendum V: Publicity and Partnerships


CWC Publicity will be closely monitored and approved by the President and Vice President to ensure we are presenting a credible and professional organization.  We publicize through many channels, so it is our responsibility to make sure that we have a consistent message across all publicity platforms.

The purpose of this document is to clearly describe the roles and responsibilities of all the Charlotte Writers’ Club members who are involved with sending information out to the public to promote our activities and events.

All club activities, events, and partnerships are stored (updated) on the CWC website.  This is our ‘Master Copy’ of information that can be shared.  Additionally, flyers are created by volunteers from the club for these events using the information from the website.  We will create standard templates for recurring events and store them on our Dropbox.

The following are our publicity channels and who is responsible for that platform:

CWC Website: Webmaster

The CWC Website is the system of record for all club related information.  The Webmaster updates the site in a timely manner and keeps all dates, activities, etc. up-to-date.

Meetup Group: Board Volunteer

The Meetup Group is an online platform which is a local community of people. Meetup groups are sustained through Meetup events, which are face-to-face gatherings that happen in real life between members and organizers. Our CWC Meetup Group includes all our meetings, workshops, and special events, and is updated frequently for our upcoming events. This are obtained from the website.  Local area residents access the Meetup app and can search for writing events and the CWC writing events will show in their search results. Additionally, if the user of the app likes our group they can follow it to always see what is going on. 

CWC Newsletter: Newsletter Chair

The CWC Newsletter is published the 1st Day of the month.  It includes all the CWC activities, and announcements for the month and the content is taken from the Website.  Additionally, the Thursday or Friday prior to a Tuesday club meeting, a ‘Reminder Email’ is sent out with information that will be covered at the upcoming meeting. 

Facebook: President/Vice President/Social Media Coordinator

Facebook is used to communicate our meetings, workshops, special events, and show case those activities with flyers, photos & captions, and events for workshops and meetings.  This is an online platform that is used ‘Real Time’ by application users.  Our Facebook page can be ‘liked’ by users which then puts anything we post in their newsfeed.   Facebook entries are posted a day or two before an event.  Those responsible for keeping the content current, are responsible for waiting to post the next activity until after the current one passes.

CWC Meeting Recap: President

The President’s Meeting Recap includes EVERYTHING that happened at the regular Tuesday Club Meeting.  It also includes ALL promoted activities from the website, which could extend out a few months.  This recap helps remind those that attended what is coming up and more importantly provides information for the active members who could not make the meeting.  It also provides that information to the 1100+ people who are signed up on Constant Contact to receive the newsletter.  That distribution list is ever growing.

Partnerships and Resources

The Charlotte Writers' Club encourages the growth of our members and partners with other writer organizations that have compatible missions.  The ‘Membership Resources’ page on our website will bring opportunities to our members from our community partners.

Members and board members both bring new community partnerships to the board’s attention. New partnerships must be vetted and approved by two board members. If the suggestion is from a board member, it must be approved by two other board members.

Any request for promoting partnership activities must be approved by the CWC President and CWC Vice President.  The criteria for approval will be if the information that is being requested to be promoted is in line with our CWC mission for increasing the learning opportunities specifically for the craft of writing or other resources for our writers. Once approved it is sent to the Webmaster to post to the CWC Website. 

The publicity channels, can then pull the information from the CWC Membership Resources page to include, where appropriate.

The following are the current Partnerships as of July 2019:

Partner Organization

Point of Contact

Charlotte Lit

Paul Reali

South Carolina Writers' Association

Carol-Ann Rudy

Union County Writers' Club

Margaret Bigger

North Carolina Writers' Network

Charles Fiore

North Carolina Poetry Society

Allegheny Writers

Jill Evans

Charlotte Mecklenberg Library

David Smith

Pamela Turner

The Warehouse Performing Arts

Marla Brown

Mooresville Arts

Jessica DeHart

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Sally Brewster

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Adah Fitzgerald

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Catherine Jardines
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Mug's Coffee

Oliver Wu

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Johnson C. Smith






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Belmont Abbey

Lenoir Rhyne

VI. Installation of Officers (Annual meeting)

The Nominating Committee presents the slate of five officers/directors for election.

Following a motion and a second, the membership present votes on the slate of officers/directors presented.

Will the following elected officers/directors please come forward?


You have been duly elected to office in the Charlotte Writers’ Club. I ask you:

Do you promise to uphold the bylaws and policies and procedures of the Charlotte Writers’ Club?

Do you promise faithfully to perform the duties of your office to the best of your ability and understanding?

If so, please answer, I do.

Members of the Charlotte Writers’ Club, do you promise to cooperate with these, your new officers, and assist them in every way?

If so, please answer, I do.

As [title of installing official] I hereby declare you duly elected and welcome you as the new officers and directors of the Charlotte Writers’ Club.  I congratulate you and wish you much success in the coming year.

Charlotte Writers' Club
Charlotte Writers' Club

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