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President, Jack Hemphill makes club announcements.

Paul Reali reads honorable mention, Before Reading for absent winner Kathie Collins.

Paul also reads his 1st Place entry, How to Wake Up.

Featured poet, author and teacher, Phillip Shabazz reads from some of his work including, A Child's Art which was inspired by working with 5th graders; Down to Earth inspired by poetry; Coming Up written for middle school children; Little Africa which reminds him of his home in Louisville, Kentucky; Late Night inspired by Miles Davis.  He read many others including Naked Woman and Dedication.

Phillip's poignant readings inspired us.  When asked how he can read his poetry with such vulnerable emotion, he said that the poems are read the way they were written and that the poems do the speaking.  This of course is paraphrased and doesn't do his answer justice.

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