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Debra Wallin, Immediate Past President led the meeting. She welcomed new members and guests and thanked the Executive and Advisory Board for their service to the club.

Mack Staton, new Contest Chair, read judge Ruth Moose's credentials for the Ruth Moose Flash Fiction Contest (her namesake).  He shared Ruth's comments about the work of each of our winners.   Mack then announced the winners.  None were present to read, their awards were mailed to them.

1st Place   “A Rewrite” - Margaret Cahill

I have to say “A Rewrite” at 91 words just knocked my socks off. This is a whole novel in 91 words.  I’m still stunned by the idea, and the execution. Congratulations whoever you are. I want to meet you!

2nd Place   “Adonai” - Maureen Sherbondy            
Such an original idea. It could have been cutesy, but this writer treats it with dignity and believability. The end line is so perfect.

3rdd Place  “Fortune Favors the Brave” - Ashley Memory        
Fresh writing. A really terrific example of a short, short story. Publish this!

Ruth also sent these comments:

What joy and agony it has been to judge this contest.  I love short stories, always have, always will and Flash Fiction is the icing on the cupcakes.  These Stories are sooooooo well written.   If in a creative writing class, I would not have been able to suggest eliminating a SINGLE WORD.  They were all that well written.  And I’m glad to see the Folktale is alive and being written.  Loved these discoveries.  There’s  a lot of very professional work here and I am truly impressed. .   I can see these all in print.  And I wish they could all win this contest.

Here are some of my thoughts and reading responses.   Tell all who entered how impressed I am!  Double impressed.

Honorable Mention   “Down from the Ledge” -  Deborah Gross
Irony is never easy to write about, and this tackles a tough subject (one very near to me, I might say). Nicely done. Good writing.

Honorable Mention   “It Was Her Birthday, and She Was 17”-  Amanda Lampley
Good voice, teen angst very well done. This voice rises off the page.

“Ice Cream”- Frank Saraco
A great entry for an online flash magazine. Cute. Well written.

“Decisions” - Bonnie Olsen
This will publish in any number of online magazines. I wish Women’s World still ran the really good “love” stories like this one.

“Colorless” - Ebony Morman
Pure poetry. Very sensuous.

“On the Bus” - Jane Rockwell
Nicely done. I loved some of the lines: “Now a sightseer, taking snapshots.”

“The Fierce Defender” - Erica Love     
Wow! Four-line rhymed stanzas. It is wonderful, but more of a poem than flash fiction. Strong subject matter. Publish this.

“The Boar and the Fox Revisited”- Randy White
A wonderfully fresh folktale. Loved it. Great!

“Two Statues of Frederick Dogless” - Nik Bristow
Fresh, new folktale. Very well written.

“A Job with Benefits”- Mary Struble Deery
Very contemporary and so tender. Evokes sympathy on many levels. Chekhovian.

“The Headstone”- Landis Wade
Family drama. This one could be a novel. So much between the lines. Good work.

“Three Days After Daddy’s Funeral”- Nicole Gause
Family drama that could be a novel. We get the tip of the iceberg here. Want to know more, keep reading.

“Good Riddance”- Greg Simmons
[Ruth made no comments about this story]


Landis Wade, Co-Contest Chair introduces our speaker Amber Smith.

Anber Smith shared her 5x5 Tips for Writing with Strength and Clarity.  These five tips can be applied to all genres.

Click on 5x5 Writing Tips to download the presentation.


CWC Members listen to Amber share her 5x5 Writing Tips.

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