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Members settle in, before the meeting begins.

Debra Wallin, CWC President welcomes club members, and guests to the December meeting.

Kelly Hubbard, membership chair, explains the 'membership engagement' activity.  In honor of the holiday season, she handed out 16 Christmas Trivia questions.  The winners each got 11 of the 16 correct!

One of the questions: In 'It's a Wonderful Life', what part of George's house is always broken?

David Poston, contest chair, announces the winners of the Ruth Moose Flash Fiction contest and includes credentials of the judge, Anna Jean Mayhew.

First Prize: "Fellowship"  - Kelly Wisdom

Second Prize: "The Audience Instigator" -  Maureen Sherbondy

Third Prize: "Oasis" -  Matthew Banash



David read Matthew Banash's 3rd place entry Oasis.

The judge had these comments:

I went to that pool party with my husband and children. Certain images took me back there: the children carrying food while their mothers touched their shoulders with sunscreen; the fathers walking behind, disassociated, carrying six packs; the boys and girls separating themselves by gender, just like the adults. While these images caught me up in the story, there is some consistent over-writing such as "little narrow, bony shoulders" (just one of the three adjectives would do) and " various and sundry beers domestic and imported alike" (various and sundry is a cliché and is unnecessary) and " in the evanescent fashion of the moment" (evanescent means momentary), et al. Regardless, I was caught up in the whole scene, loved certain touches like "perfectly chlorinated water" (that captures so well the fear and responsibility that go with pool ownership), the fact that the children had known each other since Mother's Morning Out – sexism is implied in that detail. Although I would omit the phrase "both social and domestic" (understood, and less is more), the last paragraph is a jewel.

Kelly Wisdom reads from her 1st place entry Fellowship. 

The judge had these comments:

This story haunted me from the first time I read it. The author has created a reliable narrator, a young girl whose voice is authentic – she's both childlike and wise beyond her years, cautious and wary, as revealed by well-chosen details: her hands are sweaty and she is careful to keep her slip from showing; she tells us, "I allow nothing on my plate to touch." The setting is deceptively simple – a church supper – but the mood turns dark when the narrator reveals that the pastor "…can see inside me." Even more so a few lines later, "His tall voice booms." In just two pages the author captures how confusing many things can be to a child: religion, manners, proper attire, adult behavior, and the frightening revelations of a friend. There's also a subtle underplay of sexual awakening. Well done!

Caroline Kenna, vice president reads Maureen Sherbondy's 2nd place entry Audience Instigator.

The judge had these comments:

I identified with the frustration of the narrator, a lover of jazz who knows that the music he loves and has inherited from his grandfather is becoming less and less appreciated as an art form, and that he's beating a dead horse. There's a refreshing cadence to the descriptions such as, "… the I-went-to-hear-jazz brag on Monday at school or the office…" How many times in my life have I done something just so I could drop it into conversation later? And the college kids who were only there because of fraternity rush, so well done: "They have full glasses of bourbon and are texting their status – at the jazz club – and they sit perfectly still despite the swinging piano and bass." This is a story of loss and frustration that touched me in several ways.


Landis Wade, program chair, introduces our speaker, Tracy Curtis.

Tracy Curtis enjoying her introduction.

We had a fantastic turnout to hear Tracy Curtis!

VIDEO Clips of Tracy from our meeting!!

Tracy Curtis skillfully explained her process for writing humor.  She explained her 'Tracy's Bags of Tricks' and illustrated how they were used in two of the her columns that she read for us.

Tracy’s Bag of Tricks



Double Meaning


Fact With A Twist


Find The Funny

Get To The Funny





Multiple Choice


Play On Words




What If?

What Is It Like?


* Brainstorm and do your Research! *



Written by Tracy Curtis  and shared at our meeting!

Congressman’s Excuse Won’t Hold Water

If you’re a devout Catholic and a U.S. Representative, watching the Pope address congress, which of the following actions do you take at the close of his speech?


A. Pray.                   

B. Cross Yourself.        

C. Shake Hands with His Holiness.  

D. Storm the Lectern and Steal the Pope’s Water Glass.


Apparently, it’s D.


Because as the Pope left the congressional chamber last week, Rep. Bob Brady grabbed Francis' drinking glass, took it to his office and drank from it. And so did his wife and some staffers, with the rest of the water being bottled and saved to bless his grandchildren.


And why would the parched pundit purposefully poach the pontiff’s perched glass from the podium?


Because "anything the pope touches becomes blessed,” Brady said. “How many people do you know that drank out of the same glass as the Pope?"

None, fool. We’re approaching cold and flu season. Plus I think there’s something about thy not stealing, nor coveting thy neighbor’s beverage. Your sin combined with social media has made you a famous, soulless criminal. With a runny nose.


Soon to be infamous. This is his second swipe. Brady also took the glass used by President Obama at his first inauguration. The crazy congressional klepto keeps it in a curio cabinet in his home. And now, to his political pinch, he will add this latest spiritual snag. 


I feel sorry for those grandkids. Instead of being willed valuable coins or baseball cards, they’ll be inheriting grandpa’s stolen glass collection. And it’s not even a full set.


Maybe he can hit the next round of presidential debates. He can lift Donald Trump’s champagne flute, Ben Carson’s cordial glass, Rand Paul’s double old-fashioned glass, Mark Rubio’s water pitcher and Chris Christie’s beer mug. I doubt he’ll get a hold of whatever Hillary drinks out of. I’m sure her water is handed to her by a private server.


I’ll just bet that Brady’s at the U.N. headquarters right now. They’ve got over 150 world leaders drinking water over there. But security is tight. And he’s gonna need a bigger curio.


And about security, how’s this guy getting so close to our world leaders that he’s able to lift their glassware? What a pain for the secret service. They have to protect our presidents and pontiffs, and now our planet’s china? And all because of a congressman, with grubby hands, looking for his next piece of glass.


What Brady really needs are plates. And some utensils. If he starts stealing dinnerware now, he could have a whole place setting by Christmas.


I’ll drink to that.

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