Frequently Asked Questions


When is your next meeting?
The Charlotte Writers Club meets on the third Tuesday of each month from September to May. When the third Tuesday falls too close to a holiday, meetings are held on the second Tuesday. Please check the Calendar of Events to confirm meeting dates.

Where are your meetings held?
Monthly meetings are held at the Providence Road Methodist Church, Room 104, 2810 Providence Road, Charlotte 28211.

Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. Though we encourage members and guests to attend in person, our meetings are also available through Zoom. Members receive the link automatically. If you would like to attend as a guest, please contact the Membership Chair.

For directions to Providence Methodist, click here.

Can I still come to the meetings even if I’m not a member?
Yes. Guests are welcome to attend up to two general meetings before deciding to join.


How do I join the Charlotte Writers’ Club?
For information on becoming a member, go to the Membership page


How much does it cost to be a member?
Annual dues are $35 for individuals, $20 for full-time students.


Do I have to live in North or South Carolina to be a member of the Charlotte Writers’ Club?
You are free to join the Charlotte Writers Club regardless of where you live. We have members across the country and you can attend our monthly meetings via Zoom!


Is there an age limit for membership?
No. We have members from high-school age to retirement age.


I can’t remember when my membership expires. How do I find out when I need to renew my dues? Where do I go on the website to do that?
For information on when and how to renew your membership, go to our Membership Area

Critique Groups

How do I join one of the CWC-sponsored critique groups? When do you create new critique groups?

Visit the Critique Groups page. If you find a group there that matches your interests, meets at a time you are available and in a location you’re willing to travel to, you can contact the group leader directly to see if the group is accepting new members. Clicking on the leader’s name will open an email.


If none of the groups meets your needs, or if the group in which you are interested has no openings, email the Critique Group Coordinator. We dedicate the December meeting to organizing new critique groups, but new groups are forming all the time. The Critique Group Coordinator will try to match you with a new group. 


Please be aware that membership in CWC-sponsored critique groups is restricted to members of the club.


Where do your critique groups meet?
Every critique group meets in a different location.


Do you have a screenwriting critique group?
Yes! Check out the Critique Groups page.


Can I advertise my new book/workshop/special event on your website? I am a member. How do I announce news about my writing activities to the membership?

The Charlotte Writers’ Club does not accept paid advertising. The club does, however, offer an opportunity for member to publicize new publications, readings, book signings, awards and grants won. Follow the link here to Kudos, send us your information, and we will get it into the newsletter.


How can I arrange to talk about/read from my book at one of your meetings?

The mission of the CWC is to support local writers and to promote their development through education, recognition, and community. Though speakers at our monthly meetings are free to refer to their own writing, we invite them not to read from or promote their own work but to deliver a craft talk on one or another aspect of the writing process. You can familiarize yourself with the kind of program we expect by reading examples at Monthly Meetings at a Glance.


Though we sometimes invite debut novelists and other writers with a single successful publication to speak, most of our programs are done by writers with a substantial backlist and experience in delivering craft talks. You should know, too, that we arrange our annual program of speakers a year in advance.


All that said, if you meet the criteria laid out above and feel that you have a craft talk that would benefit members of the CWC, please send a proposal to the co-chairs of our Program Committee. Please include a mini-biography in your email.


I represent another writer’s organization. Will CWC promote our workshops on their site?  

Only workshops organized by the CWC and our partner organizations can be promoted in our newsletter and on our website. If you would like to arrange a partnership, please contact the president.


Will the CWC promote my non-profit organization in their newsletters and on their website? 

Though we often sympathize with the mission of other non-profits, the newsletter and website of the CWC exist only to aid our members in their writing journeys. We promote only our own activities and those of writing organizations who share our goals and with whom we have written agreements.


How do I enter CWC contests?

If I’ve already submitted a story to contest, can I still submit it to a CWC contest?

If I’ve published a story on my blog, can I still submit it to a CWC contest?

How many entries can I submit?
For information on entering our writing contests, see the General Manuscript Requirements, Eligibility & Submission Information on our Contests page. 


How much are contest entry fees?

For submission fees, see our Contests page. 


If I win a contest, will you publish my winning entry?

No. However, many winners go on to have their winning work published in other venues.


Can I receive sample copies of past winning entries?

The CWC does not publish winning entries. You are, of course, free to submit your work elsewhere.


How do I contact individual CWC board members?
To contact members of the CWC Board of Directors or the Advisory Board, go to our Board of Directors page. Identify the board member you want to contact and click on his or her photo. Click again on the envelope next to the photo on the page that comes up and send your email.


If you are not sure where to direct your question, send your email to:


 I am a teacher and would like to arrange to have an experienced writer visit my class. Can the CWC help with that?

If you would like to have a member of the CWC visit your class, please send an email to: To help us to help you, please be as specific as possible about the genre in which you are interested.


I’m a student and I have to interview a writer for a school project. Can the CWC help with that?

If you would like to interview a member of the CWC, please send an email to: To help us to help you, please be as specific as possible about the genre of writing in which you are interested. Are you looking for a poet? A nonfiction writer? A writer of short stories? A novelist?  Playwright? Screenwriter?


I’m looking for a ghostwriter. Can the CWC help with that?

Though there are experienced ghost writers in the CWC, we do not maintain a contact or referral list. That said, we are willing to help as we can. Much depends on the nature of your project and how much you are willing to pay. If you send a description of your needs to, we will put a notice in our newsletter but cannot guarantee that anyone will pick up your project.