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Leslie M. Rupracht reads from her 3rd place nonfiction winner, The Rock, a story of love and loss with Magnum her trusted pet and companion.

Tracy Himes reads from her 2nd place nonfiction winner,  Betty and Bernice: My Mothers10803 McCamie Hill Place, a personal story of her two mothers.

Michele Handler reads from her 1st place nonfiction winner, Breasts, a  heart-warming and serious piece about body image.

John Claude Bemis graces us with the song The Glory of Love.

'You've got to give a little, take a little
And let your poor heart break a little
That's the story of, that's the glory of love...'

John Claude Bemis shares that his inspiration for writing children's stories.  He is inspired by the curiosity and wonder of kids.  He likes magical and fantasy stories and wanted to fold in American folklore and superstition into his stories.  He tells us, 'Stories we write are stories we always wanted to read.'

John Claude Bemis explains how all of our experiences create a 'compost of our imagination' which is fertile ground for our story ideas.

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