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Debra Wallin, CWC President, welcomes members, new members and guests to the meeting.

Debra Wallin collects membership engagement entries.  This month we did 'Bananagram Bingo'.  Each person was given a 5x5 grid of blank squares.  25 letters were drawn from the Bananagram bag of letters.  Everyone placed the letters anywhere in their grid trying to form words across, down, and diagonal without rearranging the letters.

Gayle Bell won a $10 gift card to Starbucks with 6 words - 3 of them 5 letter words: TAMED; TIRED; JOINS.

Fantastic turnout!

Grace Ocasio, Contest Chair, announces winners of the Nonfiction Contest.

1st Place: Nancy Zupanec, “Two Grandmothers"
2nd Place: Susan Proctor, “A Birthday Story"
3rd Place: Landis Wade, “First Dance”

1st place winner Nancy Zupanec reads from her entry, Two Grandmothers.

The judge's comments: 'This essay does a multitude of things well. The writing is clear and focused. Every paragraph builds to the next, connecting the dots of the narrative. And the essay draws the reader in with good details, dialogue and illustrations. The writer also respects grammar and spelling! Well done.'

2nd place winner Susan Proctor reads from her entry A Birthday Story.

The judge's comments: 'A compelling essay buttressed by vivid descriptions. The writer tackles more than one daunting social issue effectively while painting an intimate and inviting family portrait. Good job.'

3rd place winner Landis Wade reads from his entry First Dance.

The judge's comments: 'Evocative essay. Though told mostly through a written note, it still manages to be an emotional spark plug - spurring those elusive "feelings" most writers yearn to provoke.'

Landis Wade, Program Chair introduces this month's speaker Bryn Chancellor.

Speaker Bryn Chancellor illustrates how dialogue contributes multiple elements to a story.  It is the tool that most aligns with the characters. She read an excerpt from Mary Hood's  How Far She Went to illustrate how silence and narration paired with simple dialogue brings tension between what is said. Dialogue pushes the story forward, it shifts the pacing. 

Bryn also read a few excerpts from her book Sycamore.  Bryn passed out a handout that covered her presentation and the points and instruction for the uses of dialogue.   This handout will be uploaded here soon.

Paul Reali, Co-Founder of Charlotte Lit announces classes being offered.

Charlotte Lit’s mission is to equip community members to more deeply engage literature in all its forms––from oral storytelling to the great American novel, poetry to playwriting, memoir to long form journalism.

Whether you’re a published writer or someone just discovering the joys of reading, Charlotte Lit has programming that can expand and deepen your relationship with language and bring you into community with others who seek the kind of respectful, literature-based conversations that build a stronger Charlotte.   For more information, visit the Charlotte Lit website.

Jack Hemphill, Past President, announces the work member Bob Rogers has been doing to promote his work.  Bob has been invited to all the military bases and is promoting his play as well.  Bob knows his market and has been having great success!

More photos from our meeting.  Thanks to everyone pictured here for allowing us to take and post these random pictures!  Our members are the HEART & SOUL of our club.

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