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Kerry Hubbard, membership chair, explains this month's membership engagement activity.  Write a limerick about Ground Hog's Day.

CWC members spend five minutes to write their Ground Hog Day's limericks.

Grace Ocasio introduces Irene Honeycutt as CWC honors her contributions to the club as well as her generous guidance and mentorship.

Irene Honeycutt reads three of her poems from her collection Beneath the Bamboo Sky.  Check out the review from Wild Goose Poetry Review written by Katelyn Vause.  Many of us would agree that one the most moving of the poems read was It's okay to weep in the aisles.  When we mourn, it's okay to do it where you are.

“It is okay to weep in the aisles
wiping tears before handling grapes,
sampling wines.
Red or white? Just choose.
Your heart won’t know the difference.
No matter that the woman with the chic
side braid—her child pushing the cart,
training to become a customer—
stares are you as though you’re out of line,
then quickly turns and squeezes lemons.
We all have our seasons.
She can’t know what you know— not yet.
It is okay to weep in the aisles.”

CWC members listen as Irene Honeycutt reads some of her work.

Special thanks to Landis Wade and Kathie Collins our program chairs for organizing the member readings and introducing our members!

Sandy Hill

Sandy Hill is a former Charlotte Observer editor and the author of four historical novels, “Bonds of Courage,” “Tangled Threads,” “The Blue Car,” and “Kate & Delia,” and one mystery set in Charlotte, “Deadline for Death.”

Her entry is Bonds of Courage,” from a historical novel based on the true story of her ancestors, who were kidnapped by Indians on the Pennsylvania frontier during the Revolutionary War.

Sandy lives in Charlotte with her husband Dennis Carrigan, an author and member of CWC.

Susan Proctor

Susan is a native Charlottean who enjoys movies and books with pages to turn. She has a magical 5-year-old granddaughter who is her best teacher and playmate.

Shoe Shine Sundays is snapshot of special time spent with her dad and how he, like all great teachers, taught by example.

In addition to CWC, she is also a member of Charlotte Film Society. Community involvement includes Mecklenburg Ministries and The Southern Coalition for Social Justice.  Her work has appeared in a number of literary journals including Jewish Values and Lilith magazine.

Dennis Carrigan

Dennis Carrigan is a former English teacher and business owner and the author of a historical novel, “Memphis 1873.”

His entry is “Brilliant” ….that’s the title of the story, he says, not a self-evaluation.

Dennis is currently the Charlotte Writers Club’s newsletter editor.

David Radavich

David Radavich is the author of seven poetry collections and over twenty plays that have been performed across the U.S. and in Europe.  He has also published a variety of award-winning scholarly and informal essays. 

He will read two poems, The Risingand Chinese Lanterns.

David served as president of the Charlotte Writers Club from 2011-2013.

Wanda Craig

Wanda Craig lives in Columbia, SC, and writes mystery novels under the pen name Raegan Teller.

Tonight, she will read the opening pages of Murder in Madden, her first book, published in 2016. This debut novel won an Honorable Mention in the 2017 Writers Digest Self-Published Book Awards. Her judge commented, Its one of the best Ive read this year. Wandas second book in the series will be published next month.

Wanda has been a member of the Charlotte Writers Club since 2000. 

Debra Wallin

Debra Wallin is a full time IT professional and has been writing since she was 10 years old. She writes poetry from her heart and prose from her mind.

Debras entries are poems titled Cries of Love, Not Hate and What You Didnt Know.


Debra is currently the president of the Charlotte Writers Club, was the Vice President last year, and has been the Webmaster for four years. She has helped us partner with other like-minded literary groups and our local bookstores.

David Poston

David Poston is a recovering public school teacher who lives halfway between Bermuda and Salina, Kansas.

His two poems are autobiographical enough to serve as an introduction. They are titled “Postmodern Bourgeois Poetaster Blues” and “Chuck Norris and Jesus.”

David serves as co-chair of the contest committed for the Charlotte Writer’s Club.

Roger Colberg

During his 34-year IRS career Roger Colberg read lots of bad fiction on tax returns but his own writing was limited to coma-inducing audit manuals.  For the past 7 years Roger's been learning the artistry of creating his own fiction.

Roger will read excerpts from Chapter One of his 10-chapter novella, Baltimore Jack, which is about another passion, backpacking.

Roger's been a CWC member for 4 years and is involved in both short story and novel critique groups.

Mary Deery

Mary Struble Deery worked in the media side of advertising, with audience numbers and dollars, so she didn't have a chance to play with words, until now. Shes now making up for lost time.

The essay she's reading tonight is about doctors and transplants.

Mary served on the CWC board for several years. Now all she wants to be is everybodys friend.

Paul Kurzeja  

Paul Kurzeja is obtaining his MA in Creative Writing at UNC Charlotte. He is a winner of the 2014 Elizabeth Simpson Smith Short Story Award and was a finalist for the 2015 Doris Betts Fiction Prize

His entries are poems titled “The Eddy” and “Devil’s Defense.”

Paul is a member of and the former leader of the CWC short story critique group.

Susan Hewitt

Susan’s first career in Marketing and Communications immersed her in the world of press releases, feature stories and magazine editing. For the past 20 years, Susan has been in private practice as a licensed professional counselor and Hospice chaplain, where she has experienced stories from the absurd to the profound. 

As a veteran appreciator of human foibles, including her own, shes now diving into writing fiction, capturing real people being who they are while attempting to maintain dignity.  

First Date is flash fiction about two hapless online daters. 

Justin Hunt

Justin Hunt grew up in rural Kansas and lives in Charlotte. In 2012, he retired from a long international business career to write poetry and memoir.

Justin will read an excerpt from Dominoes Are Played at Joe’s Place, a memoir about his relationship with his father, who was born in 1897 to Kansas settlers.

A Charlotte WritersClub member since 2012, Justin leads one of the clubs two poetry critique groups.

Kerry Hubbard reads some of the best Ground Hog's Day Limericks.   And the winner was Susan Hewitt.

Phil was feeling a slump
He disliked President Trump
He was expected on stage
With no minimum wage
"I quit," he said with a grump.'

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