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Caroline Kenna, President welcomes members and gives a special welcome to NEW members.

David Collins, Co-Program Chair introduces our speaker Kevin Winchester.

Kevin Winchester took us through questions to ask ourselves as we are building our characters.

Make characters real.  Characters must be true to themselves. Identify the basics - gender, race, age, economic status, marital status.

Fill in the physical things like weight, height, color of eyes.  Be specific. Any deformities? Nervous habits?  What is the overall general emotional condition?  Where is the charaacter from?    Is that where they are now?

Reader needs to know the characters has a life?  How did they grow up? What parts of their past would explain current behaviors?

Questions about characters to develop plot conflicts: What type of container would your character carry? What three things are in the container? Character has a specific message, who is the message for? This brings in another charceter. What's the message they need to give the second character?  How does character deliver the message? What is the character most proud of in their life? What are they most ashamed of? If this character meets somebody new and starts a conversation, what are three things they would tell that person to impress them?  Which one of the three is a lie? What's the one thing the character fears will be taken away from them?  Whose the character's closest friend? What is one thing that no one else knows about the character?  Who is the one person they are afraid of or in awe of? What would the character say to that person?  Come up with one embarrassing moment for your character.  What do you know about the character that the character doesn't know about themselves? In thinking about the timeline and the character being outside the timeline of the story, what is the last thing the character sees?

Angela Heigler, Co-Program Chair fields questions from Zoom Chat.

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