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Debra Wallin, CWC President welcomes everyone to the March meeting.

Kerry Hubbard, CWC Membership Chair, introduces our Membership Engagement activity.  Members were given a list of diverse questions from mulitple genres.   There were many ties, so we had a new member choose randomly from those that got all the answers correct, and the winner was Dennis Carrigan.

Landis Wade, CWC Program Co-Chair introduce Paula Martinac or speaker.

Paula Martinac discusses her four tips to include diverse characters in our work.  She carefully taught us when and how to develop characters different from us. Many times FEAR is what keeps us from researching a different culture or group identity.

Tip #1: Think about your reasons upfront.

Tip #2: Recognize the dynamism of your characters, and craft all of them as people with full lives. 

Tip #3: Start with imagination and find your way into your characters with research and empathy. 

Tip #4: You might get it wrong, and that's okay.

 Click HERE for full presentation.

 Click HERE for Writing Diverse Character Exercises.

Before covering club announcements, Debra Wallin, CWC President leaves us with this additional thought, "Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance!"

As Debra shared announcements for writers' conferences in the area, she also explained that she gets many of these and must sift through them all to make sure the organization is legitimate and has the same mission as CWC.  Sometimes she gets some 'clunkers'.  She shared this one with us: Email was from someone named Marioheils from a suspicious email address.  He was from Keflavik, Iceland. His question was, "Hellow all I like pizza! :)".  There was a website link attached, Debra decidedly determined she would never click on!

Some members from our March 20th meeting. 

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