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Charlotte Writers' Club members sign in to our May 16, 2017 Meeting.

Tracy Himes explains this month's 'Member Game'.  She handed out two descriptions of book titles to every member.  Members teamed up to guess each others' titles by only giving them the author's name and description of the work.   The team that guessed the most won gift cards.

Members team up to guess titles during 'member games'.

Grace Ocasio announces winners of the Poetry Contest.

Student Category
1st Prize: Katie Gomulkiewicz (Davidson College) for her poem, “Next Winter”
2nd Prize: Evana Bodiker (UNC-Chapel Hill) for her poem, “Blue Morpho”
3rd Prize: Leah Mell (Davidson College) for her poem, “Finale, for Jack”
Adult Category
1st Prize: Ione (Tootsie) O’ Hara for her poem, “Watching the Weather”
2nd Prize: Peter Leslie for his poem, “Choose Carefully Your Springs”
3rd Prize: Lynn Veach Sadler for her poem, “Nebular Hypothesis with Proofs”

1st place student winner Katie Gomulkiewicz (Davidson College) reads her poem, “Next Winter”.

Poet and judge John Amen  said, “I found this a very intriguing poem.  The tone is effectively oblique.  There is balance between commentary and conversation.  Like the final image very much.  Solid poem, could probably be published.

Grace Ocasio read  from 2nd place student winner Evana Bodiker's (UNC-Chapel Hill) poem, “Blue Morpho”.

Poet and judge John Amen had this to say about her poem: “Good navigation of narrative, use of symbols, starting with everyday activity (first date?) and flowing into a more sober contemplation of love, time, sensuality, and (perhaps) death.  Much potential here.

3rd place student winner, Leah Mell (Davidson College) read from her poem, “Finale, for Jack”.

Poet and judge John Amen opined, “The poem is a pretty straightforward narrative but has a quirky, somber feeling that engages the reader.  There’s an effective verbal traction here.  It is a haunting piece.

1st place adult winner Ione (Tootsie) O’ Hara reads from her poem, “Watching the Weather”.

Poet and judge John Amen had this to say about her poem: “Interesting flow of descriptions, some unique.  Last line of penultimate stanza strikes me as intriguing.  Poet manages to bring together the literal and metaphoric.  Dark tone well done.  In addition, this poem possesses good rhythm and flow.  There are some memorable images and references to everyday life set within perhaps biblical/sublime context.

2nd place adult winner Peter Lesilie reads from his poem "Choose Carefully Your Springs".

Poet and juge John Amen said, “Good use of the form.  Avoids a collapse into dated tone or dated imagery.  Deals with a much-explored subject (good/bad choices, etc.) but in a way that rings as authentic.  “Your tears were too extreme” occurs as a unique line.  This poem makes its point without being pedantic.

Grace Ocasio read from 3rd place adult winner Lynn Veach Sadler's  poem, “Nebular Hypothesis with Proofs” .

Poet and judge John Amen opined, “It was the most adventurous of the bunch.  Perhaps references some of Ginsberg’s longer/more packed lines and poems.  Several compelling images and statements.  It is ambitious and daring enough to warrant some acknowledgment.

David Harris, program chair, introduces program speaker Carla Damron.

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