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Lynne E Williams

Prize Winner

Lynne's 75 word microfiction story "Prize Winner" was featured on Paragraph Planet June 8.


Brooke Shaffner

Country of Under

Brooke Shaffner’s novel COUNTRY OF UNDER won a 2024 Next Generation Indie Book Award Grand Prize for Fiction and first place in the category of first novels over 90,000 words.

Learn more at: https://www.indiebookawards.com/winners.php?year=2024

Sarah P. Blanchard


Sarah P. Blanchard's story "Witnessing" was named a finalist for the Porch Prize in fiction. The Porch is a ten-year-old nonprofit writing center in Nashville, Tennessee. The competition was judged by Jamie Quatro, The New York Times Notable author of I Want to Show You More and Fire Sermon.

Set in the uneasy environment of an evangelist's revival meeting, "Witnessing" is the first-person story of a young girl struggling to find meaning and a new definition of self as she grieves the death of her father.

Mary Alice Dixon

Prick of the Dark in Swain County Cemetery

Mary Alice Dixon of Charlotte has won the 2024 Randall Jarrell Poetry Competition for her poem “Prick of the Dark in Swain County Cemetery.” Dixon will receive $200 and publication in storySouth. Final judge Logen Cure said, “I chose this poem because it stuck with me after first reading it. It is unmistakably North Carolinian, with its setting in Swain County and gorgeous depiction of ‘old / mountain offerings / to the dead.’ I was struck by the use of ‘holy’ as a verb in the opening, and I have continued to consider the questions in the second stanza: ‘How, after all, / can grief be / a thing graspable? / Or holy be / a thing held?’ The closing lines of this poem do not neatly resolve these questions; rather, the speaker offers a moment of connection, reflecting the complex reality of grief.”


Drawn from Life Cover

Mark A. Schrader

Philosophies of Daily Living

Personal essays with vignettes of memoir and parenting. #parentalephemera Crafting a language for self-awareness through simple observations of life's important days. Creating a framework around values and the use of time.

Featured essays: "The Money Value of Time," "The Building of Sandcastles and the Digging of Holes," "Giant Dishwasher for the Brain"

Drawn from Life Cover

Athra Bodhi

Confusion, Compassion, Confession: A Married Woman's Dilemma

Adriana has been married almost seventeen years to Gavin, the perfect man for her. He loved her beyond the pain of her childhood and past relationships; he had given her all she dreamed of in a marriage. Cilicia, Adriana’s best friend, enters Adriana’s sanctuary and disturbs her peace when she reveals her suspicions of their husbands’ infidelity.

Adriana begins to revisit her past to help her understand how Cilicia’s allegations could be true. Cilicia’s bombardment of Adriana’s life with her allegations threatens their friendship and Adriana’s friendship with other people. Meanwhile, Cilicia struggles with the issues in her own marriage - her husband's substance abuse, attraction to men, and domestic violence - have Adriana fearing that her best friend will become a "Lady Lazarus" like her favorite poet.

Adriana reconnects with Athra, a friend from her past who has entered the ministry. Through her 85-15 Support Group, Athra helps Adriana and Cilicia open their eyes to another interpretation of verses in the Holy Bible that deal with human sexuality and marriage. The women come to understand they have options within their marriages and that the rainbow is enough, even when they have considered suicide. But what exactly does the rainbow represent, and how can it be enough when it seems like there is nothing to hold on to?

Drawn from Life Cover

Laura Elliott Newell

Princess Lindsay Series

Laura Newell has written a series of Christian romance novels surrounding the story of Princess Lindsay.

Lindsay is a princess who is an artist and has a heart for those in need, and yearns to see what life is like as a regular person so she runs away to America and becomes a waitress and then she becomes a nanny. She takes in a teenage drug addict prostitute and sets out to reform her. She also meets and falls in love with an American politician. Against all odds and their difference, they get married in Book 2. In book three they settle in Washington, DC, and start a family.

Princess Lindsay books are available on Amazon under Laura Newell. and include

1; Princess Lindsay
2. Lindsay Finds Love
3; Lindsay-New Beginnings

On Amazon, you can also find the book Hope Is On The Horizon: Inspirational Stories Of People With Disabilities a nonfiction tale of living with disabilities.

Drawn from Life Cover


Ladies' Day

Fifteen years after her troubled daughter Julie ran away from home, Beth Sawyer stumbles across a newspaper photograph of an up and coming teen golfer who not only shares her last name, but also looks just like her daughter. Sky Sawyer couldn't be her granddaughter -- or could she?

"Ladies' Day is smart and sweet, with a surprisingly sharp edge of humor. Lisa Kline's writing will appeal to fans of golf, certainly, but also to anyone who wants a heartwarming and thoroughly entertaining family drama." -- Kimmery Martin, author of Doctors and Friends


Drawn from Life Cover

david radavich

Here's Plenty

David Radavich’s new collection, Here’s Plenty, has just been published by Červenà Barva Press. This work evokes the American South—in all its messy, charming, baffling glory. As a microcosm of the fragile planet we inhabit, this region struggles with violence, poverty, racism, and outdated social convention. And yet the ever-renewing beauty of the fertile landscape, a deep-seated love of story-telling, and the warmth of everyday people bring us the possibility of re-assessment and redemption.

Drawn from Life Cover


Between the Sky and the Sea

Inspired by a legend--that may or may not be true--and set in the rich historic milieus of Savannah, New Orleans, and the coast of North Carolina, Between the Sky and the Sea explores how Lavinia Onslow's desire to live as an independent woman transforms after surviving the wreck of the Pulaski.

Drawn from Life Cover

Jan Aloysius Notzon

ONLY THE DEAD (Know the End of War)

ONLY THE DEAD (Know the End of War) is a broadly historical but at the same time deeply personal account of the establishments first, of the Mexican Republic and then the Texas Republic in the early 19th century. The story is told through the experiences of 3 principal characters and their families, two Mexican and one Polish immigrant to Texas in the latter part of the 1800s. The three stories converge during the fight for Texas independence involving excruciating choices, acts of incredible bravery and others of unpardonable treachery.

Drawn from Life Cover

Chris Arvidson

The House Inside My Head

The House Inside My Head was my first poetry chapbook. Coming in January 2025 will be a full-length poetry collection "Nobody Cares What You Think" and it will go into presale in September this year. As with the chapbook, Nobody Cares will have a painting of my own on the cover.

Drawn from Life Cover

Gilda Morina Syverson

A Healing Journey, From 9/11 Beyond the Pandemic

Gilda Morina Syverson, an award-winning author, poet, artist, and teacher, has taught memoir-writing classes and workshops for over twenty-three years. A Healing Journey, From 9/11 Beyond the Pandemic is her most recent award-winning publication. To help her make sense of the world she is now living in, Gilda goes in search of a Spiritual Director and also finds an energy therapy called Healing Touch. Throughout the story, Gilda navigates the ever-changing times using astrology, Jungian archetypes, chakras, meditation, and her own sacred contracts. Throughout the story, Gilda is impacted by events that catapult her through time and space into the rollercoaster ride of the Pandemic. Along the way, she leads us down challenging paths of a fragmented world through mystical experiences and healing light that guides her and the reader toward hope.

Gilda has been interviewed by Lisa Williams Kline at https://www.lisawilliamskline.com/blog and Charlotte Reader’s Podcast https://charlottereaderspodcast.com/gilda-morina-syverson-and-bruce-mcintyre-bring-their-search-for-answers-to-the-page/

Gilda will be reading A Healing Touch with three of her memoir students at: Park Road Books on Sunday, April 14, 2024, 2 p.m. and at: Main Street Books on Tuesday, May 7th, 2024, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. at The Hurt Hub, 210 Delburg Street, Davidson, NC Gilda will also be giving a Spiritual Writing Retreat through the Inclusion Community, April 20, 2024, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Contact: sdornsmith@inclusioncommunity.org https://gildasyverson.com

Drawn from Life Cover

Sarah P. Blanchard

Drawn from Life

Sarah's debut novel, a psychological suspense set in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Asheville, launched on April 1 to favorable reviews. Publisher's Weekly/BookLife calls it an "An expertly plotted thriller powered by twisty suspense and memorable characters," and Reedsy Discovery reviewer Lorraine Cobcroft says it's "a psychological thriller worthy of placement alongside the novels of the masters in that genre: Stephen King, James Patterson, Lee Child, Gillian Flynn." Drawn from Life will be included in the summer 2024 Bedside Reading program in luxury hotels and resorts in the northeast. Currently available in both paperback and ebook, a hardcover edition and audiobook will also be released in Summer 2024.

Back-of-the-book description: Life-changing tragedy. Conflicitng memories. Is she a killer or a victim? Emma Gillen is haunted by guilt. Almost a decade after surviving a deadly crash on a remote Appalachian mountain, she’s held hostage by long-term damage to her body and has no recollection of that tragic event. Then her volatile cousin Lucy returns, needing money and bringing chaos. Emma must decide if she should bargain with the manipulative, untrustworthy Lucy—a possible witness to the crash—to uncover their shared past. All bargains carry risk. As Lucy grows more desperate and greedy, Emma suspects there’s more at stake than just money. Struggling with shame, night terrors, and her own unreliable memory, Emma accepts help from a compassionate detective. But the choice remains hers alone: Can she find the strength to free herself from her cousin’s destructive power, or will everything come crashing down? Pursuing the truth may lead Emma toward understanding and redemption, or it could destroy her life.

Drawn from Life is available through all retailers and on the author's website at sarahpblanchard.com To purchase on Bookshop.org, see your favorite book store or visit the author's page at: https://www.bookshop.org/shop/SarahPBlanchard Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CVFB65JS Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/drawn-from-life-sarah-p-blanchard/1144888208?ean=9798218332280

Drawn from Life Cover

Sarah Archer

The Plus One

This is a romantic comedy published by Putnam. It's available in paperback, audiobook, or ebook, and buy links to various retailers are here: https://saraharcherwrites.com/books/.

I'm also submitting my newest published short story, a grounded dystopian piece called "In Good Hands." This was published in the February 2024 issue of the journal After Dinner Conversation, available here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CRYHB8NX?&linkCode=sl1&tag=afterdinnerco-20&linkId=2f7cdea787977db73d5d3a09401c27b7&language=en_US&ref_=as_li_ss_tl.

Drawn from Life Cover

Brooke Shaffner

Brooke Shaffner discusses Country of Under with Hector Vaca Cruz

April 18 7 PM to 8PM Free via Zoom

The Writer’s Center welcomes novelist Brooke Shaffner for a reading and discussion of her award-winning novel, Country of Under. Brooke is in conversation with Héctor Vaca Cruz, documentary photographer and community organizer. https://writer.org/event/shaffner/

Drawn from Life Cover

Brooke Shaffner

Country of Under Charlotte Launch Party

April 11 7 PM Goodyear Arts Camp North End Charlotte NC

Country of Under tells the becoming stories of two unforgettable characters: Pilar Reinfeld, raised by her undocumented father, a descendent of Bolivian Mennonites, in a Mexican-American community; and Carlos/Carla/Río Gomez, a gender fluid DREAMer raised by their grandmother in the same Texican bordertown—two intelligent, misfit teenagers carving out their place in the world.

For More see https://sites.google.com/view/brookeshaffner/

Charles Bruce McIntyre

There Are No Answers Here, Only Questions

There Are No Answers Here, Only Questions is the true story of two life-altering events and the personal transformation that resulted from their unlikely collision. It’s the memoir of an owner preparing to sell his business and retire just as he is diagnosed with cancer. Faced with the choice of continuing with the sale and waiting to deal with cancer or putting the deal-making on hold while treating cancer, our business owner decides to take on both at the same time. Is this possible? Perhaps, but only if he allows others to step in while he steps back, and that’s never easy when you’re the boss.

Learn more. watch the book trailer, see past events, listen to podcast and join the subscriber list at CharlesBruceMcIntyre.com

Eminence Cover

Diego Barrientos


After a vicious turf war that consolidated the power of the criminal East-Coast Syndicate over New Valley City, the desperate residents of the inner city, inspired by superhero media, adopted aliases, masked up, and armed themselves to defend their neighborhoods, creating a delicate power balance between them and the Syndicate-dominated establishment. Above all the poverty and misery stands the QuanTower: headquarters of QuanTec Industries, the world’s most advanced scientific research corporation and the reason behind the steady recovery of New Valley’s economy. However, rumors abound of its shady connections to the Syndicate and the U.S. national security apparatus.

Thomas Maxwell is an introverted but brilliant seventeen-year-old. A perfect student and unrivaled genius, he has the respect of his teachers, numerous academic awards, and plenty of scholarships. However, Thomas finds his life unchallenging so he occasionally assists his uncle Toby, a police detective for the NVPD, in solving crimes.

While involved in an investigation, Thomas accidentally stumbles upon a conspiracy involving the police, QuanTec, and the Syndicate, and becomes the Architect, a vigilante mastermind aiming to expose the conspiracy and destroy the Syndicate. Along the way, Thomas recruits other vigilantes to his cause, starting a movement that accidentally sets off a chain of events that threatens to plunge the city into chaos.

Eminence is an anthology of short stories which tells a larger story. The first book is the first five stories, each around 50-60 pages. It can be found on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CS1VW3TB

Along the Way Cover

Joe Spencer

Along the Way

This collection of poems reflects Joe Spencer’s impressions from various points in his life. Unlike photographs that capture a scene in two dimensions, these poems hope to stimulate a third dimension, emotion, and to remind readers of similar moments they have lived or imagined. If this seems a tall order for so few words, that’s the work that brought the author to poetry—though Spencer is more likely to describe himself as a dreamer than as a poet. He spends (in his own words) “inordinate amounts of time” observing, listening, reading, reflecting, dreaming and writing— which occasionally takes form as a poem."

Joe is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, a graduate of North Carolina State University, and a retired professional engineer. In addition to reading, volunteering, playing tennis, and sailing, he enjoys writing essays and poetry, some of which has been compiled into this first chapbook.

Available at Park Road Books, https://www.parkroadbooks.com

Blast Radius Cover

AllY Brown

Blast Radius: Shrapnel, shards and scars from the lies I lived

Blast Radius is a real-life story of how a life built on deception brought profound consequences engulfing not only Ally, but her children, her family, friends, and so many more. It is the story of how trying to be the perfect wife, daughter, and friend makes you ignore your internal turmoil and blinds you to the deception, abuse, and fraud surrounding you. It is a story about persevering and putting the pieces of your life back together when life throws you curveballs - even your own family is trying to stop you. Experience the journey from deception to discovery and the scars that remain. Available on Amazon, Kobo, at Barnes & Noble, and other fine retailers.

A E Hines

Adam in the Garden

AE Hines is happy to announce that his second full-length collection, Adam in the Garden, is forthcoming from Charlotte Lit Press in March 2024. Follow him on Instagram or threads @poet_aehines or check out his website at www.aehines.net for future updates.

Digital Divining Cover

Jeff Lyon

Digital Divining

A homeless young woman finds a Voodoo cursed flip phone on Ft. Lauderdale’s beach. While taking pictures of random people, she discovers the phone can predict the exact date and time of death for some of them. Our down-and-out heroine attempts to warn the phone’s doomed prey and believes the cell is her ticket out of vagrancy and alcoholism. An evil Haitian Voodoo priestess comes searching for her lost phone and all hell breaks loose during south Florida’s spring break of 2016. Digital Divining is the first of a trilogy that follow the Voodoo flip phone as it moves up the Atlantic Coast possessed by a string of unsuspecting characters. Each temporary owner struggles with the life-changing consequences of using black-magic to alter destiny.

Terminal Affair

Lynn Renee' WISE

Terminal Affair

Under the pseudonym, "Loosey", in July, I published a fictional romance novella entitled, Terminal Affair, which is set in the late 1980s to early 1990s in the South. A young newly-wed couple moves from West Virginian to the South to start their life. Lisa meets another man at her new job and falls in love again. An internal struggle begins as Lisa decides what to do with her life. However, cancer enters the picture and fate will decide for her.

Warrior Mom

rhonda lyle

TV interview on the cable TV Writers Haven Show

Warrior Mom How I Fought to Get A Great Education and Scholarships for My Children and Others $10M Won! Hello friends, my TV interview on the Writers Haven with V. Helena is available for your viewing! Take a look! https://youtu.be/8T_JR8-XOWs?si=Td0XumTMykGU4CJF

Near Miss

C.S. Smith

Near Miss is a BRAG Medallion Honoree

He’s hostage to his past. Betrayal and death haunt former British Special Air Service captain Lachlan Mackay after a disastrous mission in the mountains of Afghanistan ends his military career. His job with an American firm, LAI, gives him the opportunity to topple a powerful warlord, avenge the dead, and free himself from the crushing guilt of trusting the wrong woman. His new colleague, a petite redhead with wide hazel eyes, seems determined to breach his defenses. He knows better than to trust her, but he craves her light to chase away his shadows.

She has a secret that could destroy him. Sophia Russo’s dream job as LAI’s new director of legislative affairs takes a dangerous turn when she learns someone at the company may be trafficking weapons to an Afghan warlord. She agrees to spy on the prime suspect—the enigmatic and dangerously attractive head of global security, Lachlan Mackay. The man she’s secretly nicknamed the “Hot Scot.” Despite the mounting evidence against him, Sophia sees the pain Lachlan tries to conceal, and her heart refuses to believe he’s a criminal. But to save Lachlan, she may have to betray him.

The past won’t stay dead. When Sophia comes to Lachlan with shocking information about his division, he reluctantly joins forces with her to unearth the truth. His vow to keep his hands off her goes up in flames when he realizes someone from his past is using her as a pawn in a dangerous game. To save them both, Lachlan is forced to do the one thing he swore he’d never do again—trust a woman with his life and his heart.

Rhonda copeland lyle

Non-fiction Work featured in POWER Magazine

I am excited to be featured in P.O.W.E.R. Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized Magazine as an author and entrepreneur. CEO, The Scholarship Strategist, Author, Rhonda Copeland Lyle WARRIOR MOM: How I Fought To Get A Great Education and Scholarships For My Children and Others, $10M Won! bit.ly/WarriorMomBook.

C.S. Smith

Missing in Action

A foreign service officer with an overprotective Navy Admiral father and a need for independence crosses a Parisian sex trafficker and is forced to put her safety in the hands of the last man she’d ever choose – the former SEAL she slept with at her best friend’s wedding. Missing in Action is book 2 in my Dìleas Security Agency steamy romantic suspense series.


Remnant: Beyond Galactic Empire

Steven's 4th sci-fi book is now available at https://www.amazon.com/author/steve_eckroad

Humanity is facing extinction. Rosy Tang, a teenager with extraordinary powers, could prevent it . . . Homo sapiens has reached the peak of its potential: Humanity’s self-centered hierarchical nature will shut down all further progress. The Forerunners are heralds of a new species of humans, with a genetically determined nature for cooperation and telepathic union. The Archoi, interdimensional god-like Beings, are Those who watch over human evolution. They have called Rosy to be Their emissary, giving her psionic gifts to help her establish the Forerunners in a reproductively isolated community. From childhood Rosy has known of the Archoi call upon her life, chafing at times under its burden, at other times using her powers irresponsibly. As she comes of age traveling across the galaxy on her family’s tradership Rosy eventually accepts the Archoi calling, providing that she may pursue her own happiness as well. It isn’t long before she finds that the two goals may be mutually exclusive. And there are powers beyond those even of the Archoi that wish to craft an altogether different future for humanity.

Debra Wallin

Irene Blair Honeycut's longform poem is published

Irene Blair Honeycutt's "stellar longform poem, "we came to a place that was grieving and gathered to listen," has been selected for Vol. 4, Issue 3 of Sunspot Literary Journal. The poetry editor Morrow Dowdle says of Honeycutt's poem, "The format in which multiple voices are given space to speak works remarkably well for a long poem. This brings fresh energy to an age-old topic." This poem is in the third and final edition of 2022 and is available to be downloaded now at Sunspotlit under the Editions tab.

Mary Alice Dixon

Bride of Wild: and Other Good News

“Bride of Wild,” "Doll Clothes for Jesus,” & Other Good News from Mary Alice Dixon.

Mary Alice Dixon is thrilled to learn her story "Bride of Wild," which is in The Petigru Review, Issue 15, Fall 2022, has been nominated for Best Short Fiction. https://thepetigrureview.com/mary-alice-dixon/.

She is also happy to announce that her story "Doll Clothes for Jesus" is in moonShine Review, Fall/Winter 2022, Vol. 18, Issue 2. https://moonshinereview.com/2022/12/02/fall-winter-moonshine-review-coming-soon/.

Her story "Polka Dots & Yellow Teeth" is in The RavensPerch, December 9, 2022. https://theravensperch.com/polka-dots-yellow-teeth-mary-alice-dixon/

Finally, one of Mary Alice's stories was a finalist for the Doris Betts Fiction Prize and her poem "Night Owl Dreams Woman," is shortlisted for Ireland's international Anthology Poetry Competition Award. The poem was birthed in the Charlotte Writers Poetry Group, a community of gifted poets from Mary Alice always learns.

Gary V Powell

Doris Betts Fiction Prize

Two of my short stories, "Uniformity of Carcass" and "Fifty-Cal" were selected as finalists for the 2023 Doris Betts Fiction Prize sponsored by the NCWN. Both stories will be published in the North Carolina Literary Review and nominated for an O'Henry Prize.

Robert Seamus Macpherson

Stewards of Humanity: lighting the Darkness in Humanitarian Crisis

Stewards of Humanity: Lighting the Darkness in Humanitarian Crisis" is an inspiring tale of the people who have dedicated their lives to helping others. The story follows a group of humanitarian workers who venture into some of the world's most dangerous and volatile regions to provide aid and assistance to those affected by war, natural disasters, and other crises. They come from all walks of life and backgrounds but share a common goal: to alleviate suffering and bring hope to those in need. Through their struggles and triumphs, these Stewards demonstrate the power of human kindness and the importance of working together to solve global problems.

This book is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of empathy and compassion.

Ahvid Harris


'Versification' is a collaborative poetry show, hosted and directed by local expressionist Ahvid. The show will be divided into two parts- a feature show with a runtime of just over an hour where selected poets will read and perform various works. Most notable, this will include pieces written with multiple voices in mind - a true performance.

Following the show, will be an open mic/social for anyone who wants to pipe in and meet the artist or other poets that may be present!

Dan Gallagher

Ancient of Genes

Readers' Favorite announced at the 2023 Miami Book Fair International that Ancient of Genes (AOG) bested over 350 Sci-Fi novels to win FIRST prize in its 2022 Teen/adult Metaphysical SciFi. AOG also earned other awards and finalist placements. As of 3/13/2023, The William Pettit Agency has AOG under consideration at three of America's largest media markets: One Television network, one Film production house, and one literary publisher (for selected rights, names confidential at this time).