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Unwillling to Laugh Alone
Anne Kaylor

Reflections on the New River
Caroline Kane Kenna/Barbara K Lawing

Ocean Waves and Other Tales
Helen H. Kimbrough

Play Dates and Other Tales
Helen H. Kimbrough

A Penny's Worth of Pearls
Vic Kirkman

Surf Riding
Nancy Lammers

What Are You Waiting For
Paula Lesso

The Wooded Path
Nancy Lipetri

The Treasure Within the Kingdom of God
Terry Lursen

Drive Time
Don Mager

Greasy Bend
Aaron McAlexander

Shine On Mayberry Moon
Aaron McAlexander

So Much to Learn (and So Little Time)
Aaron McAlexander

This Old Store
Aaron McAlexander

The Last One Leaving Mayberry
Aaron McAlexander

The Liberators
Jerri Gibson McCloud

In Wisdom's Light, A Message of Peace for All People, Vol. I
Emi Miller

dispatches from the still small voice
Herman Myrick

Weathered Pine
Carolyn Noell

Linda Vigen Phillips

Lucky Bastard
Gary Powell

Beyond Redemption
Gary Powell

Slow of Study
David E. Poston

750 Questions
Glenn Proctor

Kicking Bottles, News and Dust
Glenn Proctor

America Bound: An Epic for Our Time
David Radavich

Canonicals: Love's Hours
David Radavich

Middle-East Mezze
David Radavich

The Countries We Live In
David Radavich

Creativity Rising
Paul D. Reali

Blue Yonder
Bob Rogers

Splintered Memories
Leslie M. Rupracht

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