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Monday, April 09 2018
The Secrets of Successful Financial Planning (SSFP) is being published from Skyhorse Publishing July 24th. Excerpts and pre-pub reviews may be read at There are several specific reasons you should use and enjoy SSFP:  It lacks bias, as I am fully retired and not using it to gain clients. Almost 1/5 of it is composed of dramatic true-life stories of real client tragedies and triumphs instead of boring case studies. It has free spreadsheets and other resources. SSFP is engaging to read, as I have been a published creative writer since 1992. Thirty years of experience and lots of "alphabet soup" went into making SSFP authoritative. It's written for all ages, even those newly saving and long-retired.  Get copies for (or recommend it to) everyone you care about who may need DIY help or help choosing or understanding an advisor! I don't sell copies (this is not self-published) but you can get SSFP at any bookseller.

About the Author:

Dan graduated from Virginia Military Institute (1981), third among Economics majors, simultaneously completing the Modern Languages curriculum. He served in the Infantry, then as a reservist in a Special Forces support role, next as a Training Company Commander and later in a classified Army Research Institute role. Dan completed his Master of Business Administration at William & Mary (1986). He and wife Laura married in 1988, loved raising their four children, and assisted both Boy and Girl Scouting through their church. His professional designations included: Chartered Financial Consultant & Chartered Life Underwriter (1989), Certified Financial Planner® (1992) and Certified Business Intermediary (2002). His thirty-year practice encompassed group and individual benefits, money management, financial plans, business valuation & brokerage, commercial realty and – often very personal – counseling. Dan has given numerous seminars at major employers and other entities, is the author of a novel, a licensing manual, and numerous articles in journals such as Virginia Lawyers Weekly, Financial & Estate Planning and Charlotte Ventures. Dan recently completed the University of North Carolina Graduate Teaching program and retired from financial services to work professionally as a writer and educator.
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