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Saturday, December 21 2019

Cynthia Stringham-Smith (writing as C.S. Smith) wins contests!

Near Miss (book one of her romantic suspense trilogy) finaled in its fourth writing contest, the High Five, sponsored by the Southwest Florida Romance Writers.

Also, Missing in Action (book two of her trilogy) finaled in a different contest, the Emily Contest, sponsored by the West Houston RWA.

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Wednesday, September 04 2019

Mary Alice Dixon was selected as a finalist in the 2019 Living Springs short story contest. Her feminist story Revolt of the Blessed Virgin Mother has just been published in Living Springs' anthology "Stories Through the Ages Baby Boomers Plus 2019."

The "Revolt" is the tale of a defiant girl who takes on the religious hierarchy as represented by the girl's nemesis, Joey Patrick Purcelli, and by the dictatorial Sister Mary Agnes, casting director of the fifth grade Christmas play.

The editors note "Mary Alice Dixon has crafted an exceptional story both funny and believable" in the adventure of a rebellious girl who discovers life isn't always fair but "does her part to get even."

The anthology is available from the publisher at and on Amazon.

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Sunday, September 01 2019

Shawn Keller Cooper, author of popular debut novel Drawing Down the Moon, announces that books are now available at bookstores throughout North Carolina.  She will host a Book Launch and Signing at Park Road Books from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m. on Sept. 28.

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Saturday, August 17 2019

In Fairytale Land, there lives a gentle-hearted cyclops known as Cleo who wears bells on his large toes. Headaches plague the one-eyed giant, causing Cleo problems at work, at home, and with his girlfriend, Nellie. The migraines force Cleo to seek help from a powerful wizard. He must battle witches, ogres, and a bog creature. Will perseverance and determination be enough for Cleo to fix his headaches and win true love from Nellie?

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Thursday, August 08 2019

Poetry on Love and Lattes is an inspirational journal and collection of original poetry (plus some witty one-liners). It's now for sale at local book stores and on Amazon. In the spirit of a Bella Grace Magazine, this book includes prompts and enchanting images that inspire the reader to write. The poetry is easily consumable, not intimidating or overly-academic, and gives the reader plenty of space to write.

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Monday, July 08 2019

Mike's bibliography has been published in the Internet Speculative Fiction Database. For more information:

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Sunday, June 30 2019
John Norton Book Signing Editions Coffee Shop and Bookstore in Kannapolis

John wrote a six volume mid-grade series, "The Adventures of Eva and Buckskin Charlie" for, Eva, his granddaughter in Colorado.  The first of the series, "Eva's Secret Name" was published and released by Best Publishing Company in February.

Eva, the real Eva, is visiting her "Gramps" in Charlotte this August. "Gramps has arranged a Meet the Author(s)/Book Signing at Editions Coffee Shop and Bookstore in Kannapolis on Monday, August 12 from 5 to 7.  Imagine being twelve-years-old at your own book signing.  Cool, huh?  Please drop by if you can. John wants  to make this special for Eva.  Thanks.    

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Saturday, June 22 2019
Sarah Archer's book published July 2nd

Sarah's first novel, The Plus One, will be published on July 2nd by Putnam and is currently up for pre-order. It's a romantic comedy with a sci-fi twist about a robotics engineer who builds the perfect boyfriend to get her mom off her back about being single. She will be doing a reading in Charlotte at Park Road Books on July 11th at 7 PM. She'd love to see any CWC members there!


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Tuesday, May 28 2019
Donald Fidler's play 'Boogieban' wins awards
Boogieban is about Lawrence Caplan, a Vietnam War veteran who became a military psychiatrist. Caplan is retiring after losing his own son in Afghanistan. Before leaving, he is ordered to assess one last soldier, a young specialist, who stubbornly insists that he is “good to go” back to his unit in Afghanistan. Caplan soon discovers, however, the soldier is tortured by nightmares and flashbacks. Unexpectedly, the soldier’s story begins to lift Caplan’s amnesia for his own horrors in Vietnam. The two men launch on parallel journeys of the heart that change them forever.

Winner of the Cleveland Critics Circle 2018 Theatre Awards
* Best World Premier in the Cleveland Area
* Best Actor (Travis Teffner and David Peacock)
* Also nominated for best director and best sound
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Monday, May 27 2019

John Norton, author of "The Adventures of Eva and Buckskin Charlie" series has been selected to add a blog post to  They wanted submissions on how to use social media for marketing books. Norton submitted a humorous approach drawing on his Maine small town heritage.  It will be live on the site Tuesday, May 28.  The link follows: https://hometownauthors.comeverything-else/social-media-book-editing-and-book-fairs/

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