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Thursday, July 21 2022

Mary Alice Dixon's short story, "A Well-Dressed Woman and Her Good Luck Go-Go-Boots" appears in the Spring/Summer Issue of "moonShine review."
The story is a slightly fictionalized account of Mary Alice's "liberation" of her university's men-only sauna during her first year of college.

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Wednesday, May 11 2022

The Battle of Gettysburg has just ended. The confederate army must retreat 40 miles to escape across the Potomac River to get to Virginia and freedom.
"Leaving Gettysburg" is a gripping tale of the retreat from Gettysburg through the eyes of three soldiers, a confederate private from NC, a confederate Captain from SC and a Union Colonel. All three must face the bitter realities of an unnatural war.    *link is valid for 90 days

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Friday, April 15 2022

Judy Goldman will be at Main Street Books in Davidson on May 15th for her book, Child

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Friday, April 15 2022

Lucinda Trew's poem Chekhov's Orchard is included in the anthology, 'Poetry for Ukraine,' published by The Poet magazine and featuring the work of poets from the around the world. The anthology is available via Amazon.


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Thursday, March 24 2022

My new book "Warrior Mom" is now included in the Library of Congress collection in Washington DC, featured in Publisher Weekly and in the Mecklenburg County Library!  WARRIOR MOM: How I Fought To Get A Great Education and Scholarships For My Children and Others, $10M Won! You can get a copy on Amazon.    *link is valid for 90 days

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Saturday, March 19 2022

Jenna recently published HARDWARE STORIES, available through Amazon and at Park Road Books.
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Saturday, March 05 2022

From Africa to the American West. A journey from African to how African Americans settled the midwest and became land owners.

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Saturday, January 22 2022

Brief description:  Death Date is Marny's first novel, published under her pen name of Ashe Taylor.  It is a YA story told in three sections.  Set in a dystopian society, the overseers control the rate of population through microchips inserted in people's brains. Everyone gets assigned a death date, and when a young hacker steals the file that lists them all, each person must decide whether or not they want to find out when theirs is.
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Tuesday, January 18 2022

UNTER DER SONNE / UNDER THE SUN is a dual-language lyric collection featuring David Radavich's German poems with English translations.  Radavich exhibits a kinship with German writers such as Friedrich Hölderlin, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Hilde Domin, whom he knew personally.  This collection represents a departure from his earlier work—into another language, another lyric sensibility, and a dual perspective that opens readers to a literary tradition beyond American shores.
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Saturday, December 11 2021

All the Seasons Never Lived is a debut novel by Judy Hovis, written as a tribute to the strong women in her family and celebrating women everywhere.

It is France, 1889, a time of romance, betrayal, greed,  murder and a fiercely independent woman who prevails.

Book signing at Barnes & Noble, Sharon Rd. - When:  Saturday, February 12, 2022 from 2:00pm-4:00pm.

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