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Tracy Himes, membership chair, gets us up and moving!  We sure got our exercise as we stood up for every place she named from a 70 place list.

Members stand for every place they've visited.  A prize was given to the member who visited the most places out of the 70 that were listed.  We looked like an exercise class, standing and up and down especially when she started listing all the states!

David Harris introduces Kim Wright, our speaker for the evening.

Kim Wright begins discussing the four models for publishing:

1) Big Five Publishing Houses
2) Small Press Press Publishing
3) Self Publishing
4) Hybrid Publishing

Kim explains the pros and cons of each model for publishing.

Kim Wright breaks down price per unit for each type of publishing model.

Kim concludes by showing us that the price per unit sold is about the same for all four models.  What you decide to use really is determined by what you are trying to publish as well as your emotional needs for writing.

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