Lisa Otter

Lisa Otter Rose


Lisa published her first novel, Sharon Gets Two Kittens in 1969, and in 1971, she co-founded, The LeMai Bugle, a neighborhood newspaper. Since those early years, she has gone on to write many essays and stories, fill loads of writing journals with pure junk, as well as start and abandon countless novels. She has been published in a few newspapers and blogs, and two of her pieces appear in Maureen Ryan Griffin‘s, Spinning Words Into Gold. In 2014, Lisa published her award-winning children’s novel, You’ve Got Verve, Jamie Ireland!, set in the suburbs of Charlotte, N.C., about a fifth grader with an undiagnosed learning disability. Currently she is working feverishly on becoming a better watercolor artist. In her spare time, she enjoys making handmade books, bookmarks & notecards, and filling her journals with mixed-media art.