Blair Peery

Membership Assistant, Tech Squad

Though born in Vermont, I moved to the South at the age of two, bringing along my parents and brothers. I was raised in Charlotte and have lived here ever since. I am married without children, making me a D.I.N.K.—Double Income, No Kids. 


We had a dog and a cat when I was growing up. My wife and I have outlived three other cats. I have no interest in football, basketball, baseball, or golf. Sorry, sports nerds! Now foil fencing, tennis, ping-pong, or volleyball? Let’s play! I have also indulged in yoga, tai-chi, and binge-watching Netflix.


My alma mater was UNC-Charlotte. They found an unused undergraduate Economics degree and bestowed it on me in a fine ceremony. After that, there was a hazy period of founding and running my own computer consulting business, but I have recovered nicely and am now retired.


My writing interests are in fantasy and science fiction predominately, and some comedy. I enjoy writing short stories, though I have gotten bogged down attempting a couple of novels. If you are curious about my contributions to the world of publication, there is exactly one book to date bearing my name. It’s a comedy fantasy novella: Calentirrian D’Versi and his Startling Stratagem for Advancement. Yeah! Say that fast! It’s easier to search for it under “Blair Peery”.


I have served on the Board of Directors of the Charlotte Writers Club (CWC), and am a member of the North Carolina Writers’ Network (NCWN). I am a founding member of the CWC’s longest-running critique group, The Dark and Stormy Plotters League, dedicated to science fiction and fantasy. Currently I’m struggling with screenplays, so I founded another critique group: the Charlotte Bureau of Screenwriters.