Founders and Service Awards

The Adelia Kimball Founders Award, named for the pioneering woman who organized the Charlotte Writers Club in 1922, was established to honor long-standing service to the club and the literary community. Over the years it has been awarded to:

Virginia Christenbury

Eleanor Brawley

Irene Blair Honeycutt (1997)

Dede Wilson

Rebecca Schenck (2012)

Margaret Bigger (2022)

Gina Carroll Howard (2022)

Ruth Moose (2022)

David Radavich (2022)

At the CWC 100th Anniversary Gala on May 22, 2022, Ruth Moose received the Adelia Kimball Founders Award for extraordinary service to the CWC and the greater writing community, "Ideals fixed to Literary Stars." Pictured above (from left to right): Dede Wilson, Ruth Moose, Irene Honeycutt, and Caroline Kenna.

The Aline Thompson Service Award honors CWC members who have made service to the club a form of art:

Jack McLarn

Margaret Bigger (1997)

Rebecca Schenck (2012)

Debra S. Wallin (2022)