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Caroline Kenna, CWC President, welcomes the CWC members and guests to our 2nd Virtual Club Meeting.  There were over 40 attendees!!

Debra Wallin, Immediate Past President, led the vote and installation of the 2020-2021 Executive Board Members:

Executive Board Members
President: Caroline Kenna
Vice President of Memberships: Axel Dahlberg
Vice President of Nominations: Anshu Gupta
Secretary: Tiffany Grantham 
Treasurer: John McGillicuddy
Immediate Past President: Debra Wallin


The following Advisory Board Members were thanked as well:

Advisory Board Members
Programming Chairs: Angela Haigler & David Collins
Contest Chairs: Mack Staton & Darrell Horwitz
Membership Chair: Axel Dahlberg
Membership Co-Chair - Blair Peery
Critique Groups Coordinator:  Jennifer Hurlburt
Newsletter Editor: Teresa Taylor
Webmaster: Debra Wallin

CWC-North Liaison: Sandra Phillips

Other Leadership Positions
Technology Coordinator - Debra Wallin
Workshop Coordinator -  Caroline Kenna & Tiffany Grantham and Anshu Gupta
Open Mic Night Coordinator - Debra Wallin  and Hope Smyth
Social Media Coordinator - TBD: Currently Caroline Kenna & Debra Wallin 
Historian/2022-100 Year Anniversary Chair - TBD LOOKING FOR HELP


David Collin, Co-Program Chair, introduces our speaker Phillip Lewis.


Phillip  Lewis explained allusion and provided example from his book the Barrowfields and other works.

Allusion: [relevant approx. etymology—Latin alludere, from ad + ludere to play.]

  1. A play on words; a pun.
  2. A metaphor, a parable, an allegory.
  3. A covert, passing, or indirect reference (to); any reference to.

In its simplest terms, an allusion is a reference to something else. It is often done to import the meaning or significance of the thing referred to into the writer’s own work. The reference might be to a novel or poem, an essay, a piece of music, a song, a painting, a historical event, a person, a place, an idea, or anything else that might lend some meaning or context to what is being written.

Phillip Lewis Presentation

Angela Haigler, Co-Program Chair fields member questions for Phillip.


Special Edition of the Charlotte Readers Podcast features winners from CWC Contests! 

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