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Great energy as the Charlotte Writers' Club members socialize prior to the official start of the first club meeting of the season!


Caroline Kenna, CWC President, welcomes everyone to the new season!  She explained the new board of director's structure that will more efficiently service the club.

Debra Wallin, CWC Past President called for a membership vote for the new Executive Officers and swore them in:
Caroline Kenna - President
Kerry Hubbard - Vice President of Memberships
Anshu Gupta- Vice President of Nominations
Tiffany Grantham- Secretary
Paul Reali - Treasurer


Caroline called up the CWC Leadership Team and introduced them to the members.

Debra Wallin: Past President, Webmaster, Technology Coordinator, Open Mic Night Coordinator
Landis Wade and Angela Haigler: Co-Program Chairs
David Poston and Mack Staton: Co-Contest Chairs
Blair Peery: Membership Assistant
Graham Smith: Newsletter Editor
Jennifer Hurlburt: Critique Groups Chair
Tootsie O'hara: CWC North Liaison


Landis Wade, Program Chair introduced Gavin Edwards our guest speaker.

Gavin Edwards, Celebrity Journalist was our guest speaker and shared his experiences with us as he spent time with famous personalities including George Lucas, Mark Wahlberg, Johnny Depp, Jack Black and many others! He discussed his experiences riding tour buses, drinking champagne, and playing skee-ball with the stars--and explained how those adventures made him a better writer.

He shared with us how he would find out what the celebrities like so he could interview them in the right environment, which makes everything come alive. He told us to do our homework if we are doing interviews to make sure you don't ask the same questions everyone asks.  Even though you have a list of questions you would like answered, it's better to LISTEN and have a conversation and let that good conversation take you to the place you want to be.

He talked about writers being 'architects' or 'gardeners'.   Do you map out your story like an architect designs a building, or do you just plant things wherever and see what grows?   Gavin is an architect.  Which are you?

He also explained that no matter what you write, if you cut 10% it will always be better.

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