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Great turnout for our first CWC Club meeting of the 2017/2018 season!

Caroline Kenna our CWC Vice President fills in for Kerry Hubbard our Membership Chair to explain this month's member game.

CWC Members are hard at work to figure out how many words they can create from 'Charlotte Writers' Club'.

Sandy Hill won with 59 words!

Grace Ocasio, CWC Contest Chair, announces the winners of the Elizabeth Simpson Smith Short Story Contest.   There were 18 entries judged by Paula Martinac.

Paul Reali for “Running the Trees,” 1st place
Carol Roan for “Halloween,” 2nd place
Susan Mills Wilson for “Back Home,” 3rd place

Grace also read from 2nd place winner Carol Roan's entry Halloween.

Judge's comments: “Halloween” plunges you into the action with a terrific first line: “Otis! Otis! Get your gun and hurry on out.” The author overhauls the familiar story of the pandemonium caused by Orson Welles’s “War of the Worlds” radio drama and imagines its impact on the people in one small town – in particular, an ordinary, unassuming man named Otis, who “never had thought much. Not big thoughts. Just little ones about colors and tunes and trees.” A moving piece.

Paul Reali reads from his 1st Place entry, Running the Trees.

Judge's comments:  The smart, compelling voice of “Running the Trees” catches you on the very first page. The reader quickly engages with the narrator who is “given to noticing,” and with the setting in Buffalo, NY, so vivid it becomes a character itself. The plot is both unexpected and satisfying, subverting the conventional – and easier – “woman as victim” story line. Yet there’s a sense of melancholy at the end, and the author doesn’t fall back on a simple “boy gets girl” formula that would have weakened the story. A powerful piece.

CWC Members listen intently as contest winners read their entries.

Susan Mills Wilson reads from her 3rd place entry, Back Home.

Judge's comments: “Back Home” takes the “prodigal son” trope and humanizes it in the form of Seth, who returns home after a long absence to find himself “stuck in my old bedroom staring up at fake stars with an angry father down the hall.” Seth’s dilemma is compelling and relatable – his return is not the fantasy reunion he expected or hoped for. The author lends both him and his father a grace and dignity that feel genuine. A poignant story.  

Landis Wade, CWC Program Chair introduce Kazim Ali, our guest speaker.

Kazim Ali, our guest speaker, reads from his published works. 

Included were Train Ride, Double Read, The Ninth Planet, Dear Dangerous-How Do You Explain, Waiting for the Train, Autobiography, The Escape.

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