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 What's Happening at CWC 
by Jerri McCloud
(July 2009)

Welcome to the Charlotte Writers’ Club’s cyber home—a place where imagination abounds, fueled by 251 members whose ideas are bantered around until fruition. A place that would not be if not for these dedicated writers.

The success of CWC is the nourishment passed along and shared with each of our members. It stimulates the thought process and ideas gush forth. Without the contact of like-minded people, we traipse along minus the encouragement and enthusiasm these individuals provide.

It’s no secret that my love is historical fiction, but give me a terrific love story, an intriguing mystery, or nail-biting suspense book (not too scary), I can lose myself in the story’s world only if I know the author writes happy conclusion. That just happens to be my world of ‘make believe,’ a world that has brought me to this point in my life.

There is nothing more rewarding as creating something from nothing. To write an uneventful story/novel takes boring to a low level, but add bumps, scrapes (two steps forward and one step back), and turning points, sprinkle in a mass of conflict, emotion, and dazzling characterization, a dash of backstory (like adding salt), and continuous bantering, mockery or teasing between characters, then you have a ‘breakout’ story or novel. The TV show, NCIS, is a great example of this type of writing. Their writers are excellent. Unfortunately, when the gross part appears, I cover my eyes and ask my husband to tell me when that scene is over. I’m new to this world, only one month. NCIS appears to be back-to-back catch-up shows, but one or two a week would be fine with me.

The reason for writing this brings me back to Donald Maass’ new book, The Fire in Fiction, where NCIS gives us one example after another of what Mr. Maass teaches in his current book. Master this and you will have a great story/novel vs. an ordinary story/novel.

Keep writing and attending your critique groups over the summer—don’t stop or risk the momentum gained throughout 2008-2009.

See you in September!
Jerri McCloud
President, Charlotte Writers’ Club

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